What Are the First Time Side Effects of Juicing?

Anything that is too much can be dangerous, even if it's mostly a good thing. 

Juicing is an amazing way to fight disease and stay healthy in an increasingly unhealthy world.

This is not surprising, considering how extreme a juice diet can be.

A brief diet plan can rid the body of unwanted toxins and help to increase energy levels naturally.​

However, juicing is not all safe and good. Performing a juicing plan or diet correctly is great, but it also takes a lot of work. It's important to consider the side effects of juicing before starting on this diet. And of course, make sure that you've talked with your doctor first before anything else.

The Physical Side Effects of Juicing

Once you have entered the two day period of the juicing process, your energy levels will begin to fluctuate irrationally. This is due to the fact that you are no longer consuming the number of calories required each day for your body to function properly.​

The natural sugars in fruits will cause a sudden energy boost once they are consumed, but you will soon after experience a major crash in energy levels that may leave you wondering whether the juicing process is a positive one.​

While your body is being fed less and less calories, it will begin to draw from the proteins that are stored in your muscles.​

This causes a serious drop in muscle mass, which leads to physical weakness and fatigue.​

People who are also on restrictive-diets should NEVER go on a juicing diet without supervision from their health providers. A person who is on a low-potassium diet can suddenly have an increased potassium intake from consuming certain vegetables like the cruciferous vegetables which are rich in protein. ​

This warning is also for those who have thyroid hormone problems. Certain vegetables have to be avoided for people with hypothyroidism as it can affect the hormonal imbalance on their bodies.​

When you juice fruits and vegetables, you'll mostly throw away the fiber from these drinks. This can cause constipation because of the lack of fiber in your diet. It might be best to try smoothies instead of juicing if lack of fiber in your diet is a concern.

There is also the embarrassing carotenemia condition that causes discoloration of the skin when too many orange vegetables are consumed.

The intestinal problems related to juicing can lead to dehydration and paleness. Even the kidneys will be hard at work removing the harmful chemicals caused by the break down of stored protein in your body.

Other Negative Effects of Juicing

Juicing is hard enough, but using all organic vegetables makes the process that much more tedious.

That is why many people choose to over look the organic element of a juice diet. Using inorganic vegetables during the juicing process will load your system with the toxins used to grow larger veggies that stay fresher longer.

Pesticides and insecticides are not meant to be consumed by the human body. However, organic vegetables can be harmful as well.

Organic veggies are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is exactly why pesticides are used in the first place, but there is no perfect solution.

It is wise to thoroughly clean your juicer every time you use it. The vegetable residue left behind after producing a glass of juice is even more vulnerable to bacteria than whole organic veggies. This is because the juice is prone to decomposition in it’s ravaged state.

Clean your juicer every single day without compromise. If you use it more than once, then clean it after every use. Do not allow the juicer to remain filthy for any length of time.

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  • img-1 Rick says:

    I have been having 2 nutriblasts a day for the last few weeks they are about 50% kale, 20%spinich leaves, 20% grapes and strawberrys and the other 10% pumpkin seeds! sunflower seeds a heaped teaspoon of maca powder, walnuts,almonds and water. And I’m really just trying to lose some weight can you tell me if this is any good? I have lost a little already and I feel better and the only thing I have noticed it has made me a bit windy thanks for your time and I would appreciate any input or help you can give me Thanks again

    • img-2 Ryan says:

      Hi Rick,
      That’s great and so nice to know that you feel better and have lost weight already. Different people have different amounts of weight changes, but you can feel the difference when you started drinking the nutriblasts. It’s not uncommon for people to feel “detox” symptoms when starting out. I would recommend that you watch this big juicing experiment on http://www.superjuiceme.com as they explain it best! Cheers

  • img-3 Juicy McJuicerton says:

    Pesticides are NOT used to get rid of bacteria. Bacteria are essential to all life, and the ones that grow on healthy fruits and veggies are generally good for you.
    You’ll get the most benefit from juicing low sugar veggies, because any sugar is treated the same in the body. Insulin is dumped in the blood stream telling the body to store the sugar as fat.
    My favorite way to juice is to wash my veggies, organic or not, in a diluted vinegar wash. My typical juice is: kale, cucumber, parsley, cilantro, carrot, ginger, turmeric root, celery, and one apple. When available I will also add: tarragon, dill, basil, cress, collard greens, mung bean sprouts, spinach, red kale, beet greens, carrot greens, thyme, jalapeño, mint, and garlic.
    The idea is to juice the veggies, not the fruit. If it’s barely drinkable, you did it right. If you want something that tastes good and sweet, then make a smoothie.

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