I bought the Vitamix 5200 and this is what I think about it…

I've been a Green Smoothie lover for more than half a decade and I still continue to explore the many possibilities of using “low end” to “high end” blenders that the market offers.

The Vitamix brand have long caught my attention and I have watched several actual product testings of it. I am pretty much impressed by the design and features of this amazing machine. I have owned several blenders so far and I am looking to add up another one to my collection 🙂

It's no surprise that Vitamix comes with a whooping price tag. But, how can we really get the most out of this expensive, high-end blender?

I'm always on the lookout for the best deals and promotions for blenders and anything related to juicing and smoothies. Lately, I find myself a bit inclined in baking so I am looking to buy a kitchen appliance that would cater both my existing hobby and my latest fetish.

Unboxing this heavy duty blender…

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The product was enclosed in 13 x 17 x 13 inches box dimension, approximately about 15-16 pounds in weight

The product was well packaged and comes with the following:

  • Lid or Cover – which can totally closed up or it comes with a hole so you can also fit the tamper in case you need to stir. I personally love this feature because it gives me full control on some food grinding that I do.
  • Jar – This clear 64 oz Jar is made up of BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester. The jars also contains the stainless steel patented blade which does all the magic
  • Manuals & Recipes – Each box also comes with suggested recipes in full colour, settings, instructions, warranty and care.
  • Base – The base houses it's cool running motor and the control panel of the blender. The buttons and functions are pretty straightforward. The simplicity of the design is what I like the most. You can easily chose a variable speed from 1-10. You can chose to go fast especially if you are about to make a soup, or just slow cycle to mix some ingredients.
  • Tamper – This is some sort of a food pusher/food mixer rolled into one. I find this tamper really useful. This is something that the competition brand doesn't have.

My verdict for this super blender

As the saying goes “first impression last” so upon my initial use of Vitamix 5200, I can finally say that I'm super happy with it. The feel, the design, the interface is really simple to grasp. It has some serious horsepower in it and it is designed to last.

Quality wise:

Surely a $500+- product is something to think about but I would give it a go. It meets my needs even exceeded my expectations plus the quality of material and workmanship really shows. The product design is very simple, not too much buttons to choose from. No complicated programming required and if anything goes wrong along the way, the company offers a 7 year warranty which gives me a great peace of mind. Since I’m a firm believer and follower of the quote: “you got what you paid for” buying this super blender for me is a must.

Functional wise:

One of the major factor why I chose Vitamix brand over it's competition is because of it's ability to blend slow, fast and super fast. The competition does nothing but fast and super fast, eliminating some options and some texture that I'm easily achieving with my Vitamix. I can choose the lowest speed and come up with a perfect salsa. No wonder why chef's commonly prefer this small kitchen appliance. Apart from blending, it also does a lot of things that you won’t simply get from an ordinary blender.

I am starting to like baking lately and as a novice in this field I am torn between buying a standalone kitchen mixer or Vitamix. Of course I went along with the blender, mainly because it can do a lot more than just kneading and mixing. So far I had great results in making my sweet buns and raisin bread. I always get great consistency and it yields a nicely kneaded doughs.

Let's not forget about the Tamper that I mentioned above. I am very fond of using this because it gives me extra control to push foods and fruits without opening the cover especially when things get really sticky, one perfect example is whenever I make my favourite Almond and Peanut butter. My other blender (a competition) needs to be stopped and stirred constantly to achieve the results I wanted, whereas my new Vitamix 5200 does it easily. With the help of the Tamper, I can stir and mix without a mess. My Vitamix can make perfect soups as well. The speed of its blade creates heat along the way and voila! Your pea soup is ready!

Cons and Disadvantages

This kitchen wonder could be a bit pricey for some or maybe not, it's always good to keep your budget on check before deciding to purchase anything. This is kind of an investment, and it will always boil down on how often will you use it.

It can be a little noisy, it really depends on your level of noise tolerance. As for me, my mornings mainly consist of blender noises that my entire family is so used to.

It can be a bit wobbly when using the highest setting with a thick mixture. Whenever I blend super sticky, thick substance or with no added water at all ie; purple yam, taro and peanut butter, the base tends to wobble a bit. However, for as long as your mixture is watery then no wobbling will happen even at the maximum speed.

The height of the default jar (holds up to 64 oz) does not fit the under cabinet counter. It may be a bother to some but do not fret for Vitamix have several fix to this dilemma. Since my wife is obsessed in making our countertop spic and span, we ended up ordering a 32 oz jar (please put a link for this) which I unexpectedly enjoyed as well. I mainly use the small jar for my smoothie needs and the default jar for my baking things.

Where to buy and find the best deals for the Vitamix 5200?

If you're looking for some of the best deals for the Vitamix 5200, you can definitely check out Amazon's prices. Amazon is one of the world's largest ecommerce store and if you're a Prime member, you can even get a better deal and fast shipping.

[amazon box=”B008H4SLV6″]