Nutribullet Balance Review of a Real User {Updated Jan 2020}

Nutribullet Balance Review - Jdw

Hey there, Ryan here and I'm excited to share with you this detailed review of this nutrient-extracting machine from the folks that gave us the “Magic bullet” and the “Original Nutribullet”.

They say that it's the first SMART and bluetooth enabled Blender or Smoothie machine. It is not WIFI enabled, which is good because of security issues lately when it comes to “Smart Home Devices” and it also means that it has to be operated locally and will prevent people from accessing your device from the internet or WIFI.

So what sets the Nutribullet Balance apart from the other models? That's what I'm about to share with you as I've spent my own money to buy this machine on Amazon

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If You Can't Eat Them, Why Not Drink Them?

I've suffered gout for years and eating red meat and other goods that are high in purine aggravates or worsens my conditions.

I've decided to limit my intake of meat and transition into a plant-based whole foods diet. But as you might have already found out, It was a decision easier said than done.

It was really hard going from meals like steak and BBQ replaced with Broccoli and Kale.

That's when I've realized that there must be a BETTER way…

And that's when this site was born

My research has lead me to juicing and blending. So Instead of eating your fruits and vegetables completely, I make them into a juice or smoothie drink!

Are Green Smoothies Good for You? Are You Consuming More Calories Than You Should?

If you're GOAL is to lose weight(discover some fat burning secrets here), you should watch out the TOTAL amount of CALORIES that you consume.

And if you're ADDING too many fruits or nuts (that are high in Calories), then you're going to probably go over your daily caloric limit fairly quickly.

This is ONE of the BIGGEST reasons most people fail when it comes to losing weight while drinking green smoothies.

The Nutribullet Balance will HELP solve this problem with it's SMART APP and SENSOR (more details about this later on).

It has a weight sensor built-in the base and with the Nutribullet Balance app allows you to see how much ingredients and nutrients you are consuming in the drinks you are making.

Why does it matter?


Calorie Counting is Not Fun. But Tracking It With The Nutribullet Balance Is Innovative and Fun!

I have a bunch of food tracker apps and nutrition apps that track the caloric intake of foods that I consume. 

Just imagine eating with friends on a restaurant and spending 5-10 minutes jotting down each ingredient so that you can figure out it's nutritional value. Not a fun task and definitely not something that I love doing.

With the Nutribullet Balance, this problem has been solved because all you need to do is follow the ingredients from the recipes you've chosen (there are dozens of recipes to choose from) and when you add those ingredients into the blender, it's going to ‘weight' and ‘calculate the nutritional value' for you, automatically!

Smoothie Drink

I'm Ready to Track the Nutrition That I'm Drinking with the Nutribullet Balance

My personal Experience With the Nutribullet Balance

I have tried all of the Nutribullet machines, starting from the Magic bullet and the Original 600 watts that I bought in 2013. 

But i've never used a machine like the Nutribullet Balance. 

It took me awhile to figure how to use it. But it's fairly simple once you've connected and downloaded the app to your smartphone.

The App works for both Android and iOS devices. It's mandatory if you want to take advantage of it's best features.

Once i've installed the app, it asked me to create a profile. After creating a profile, the Virtual Nutritionist will pick the recipes that suits the profile that you've created. 

You can use the Virtual Nutritionist as a way to gu
ide you on what RECIPES to consume each day. And this is HUGE especially if you are watching out the calories you consume. 

What is the Nutribullet Balance?

The Nutribullet balance is the first machine made by Nutribullet that takes advantage of Bluetooth technology to connect with an APP on your Smartphone. 

This app is called the Nutribullet Balance App. 

The Nutribullet Balance uses sensor technology that weights the ingredients that you put in the blender. 

You might be wondering if it can DETECT the ACTUAL ingredients that you put? 

NO, it's not that sophisticated. 

You have to PRESELECT the ingredients that you will measure (if you are creating your own recipe), or you have to ADD the next ingredient that the Nutribullet Balance shows in the recipe that you're making.

The Makers Of The Original Nutribullet Made The First Smart Smoothie and Blender That Can Track The Nutrition Information Of What You Consume

It works and works extremely well.

I have been using it for several weeks and I'm always excited with the different recipes and the nutritional information that it provides in each recipe.

When Was The Nutribullet Balance Released?

I believe it was released a few years ago, maybe sometime in 2018. 

How To Use the Nutribullet Balance?

First, you need to install the Nutribullet Balance app on your smartphone. After installing it, connect it to your Nutribullet Balance. Just plug it in and follow the instructions on your smartphone on connecting it.

Once connected, put the 32 oz cup upright on the base. It will automatically detect it and your app will notify you that it's ready to accept the first ingredient.

Depending on the recipe you've chosen, you'll be able to start adding your ingredients.

Add the ingredients slowly that it showing on your app and when you hear a “DING” that means that it reached the required amount. 

Don't go over this amount as this would mess up the recipe, the taste and the nutritional value of that recipe.

Once you've added ALL ingredients, tighten the cup with the extractor blade piece and twist it. Make sure that no ingredients are leaking from the sides.

Put the 32 oz cup into the base and snap-twist it. It will start blending according to how long the recipe requires. 

Once done, remove the cup and serve.

What I liked about the Nutribullet Balance

Here's my FAVORITE part about the Nutribullet Balance.

Being able to create my own recipe and still measure the nutritional value from my own recipes.

So let's say you've created a drink that is roughly 600+ in total calories. 

Grab a regular glass, put it on top of the Nutribullet Balance base and start pouring the drink. Look at your app and it will start showing how much calories are in your drink. Pour until you reach the number of calories you want. So let's say you only want 300 calories from this drink, follow this step and only drink a portion of this recipe.

My Virtual Nutritionist – answer a few questions that will help cater the right recipes for you

The Virtual Nutritionist is just as what the name implies. It's a feature that allows you to personalize your recipes based on what you would like to achieve. 

If you want to gain weight, there are recipes for that.

If you want to lose weight, there are recipes for that as well.

Hands-Off Operation

If you've used the old Nutribullet, you probably know that you need to HOLD the cup into the base while blending. It's a total manual approach.

But the Nutribullet Balance is totally hands-off. Just snap and twist the cup into the blender and it will automatically turn off after a few seconds. That means that you'll have more time to do other stuff while it blends.

What I Didn't liked about the Nutribullet Balance?

It's Expensive

It costs at around $100 – $170+ right now depending on where you buy it. It's important that you buy it with FREE and FAST shipping and Amazon's One to Two day delivery is something that can't be beaten by even Nutribullet's own retailer website. Buy through Amazon and you'll also get my Nutribullet Balance Bonuses below.

Sometimes the App Freezes on my Google Pixel 4

The app works fine on my iPhone 6 device but for some reason, sometimes the app freezes and hang on my Google Pixel 4 which is an android phone. I just restart it and most of the time it continues working.

FAQ About The Product

Why Drink your Fruits and Greens When You Can just eat them?

This is one of the most common questions that I've encountered about green smoothies. One of the answers that I gave them is that when you turn them into smoothies you can also add Flax seeds, chia seeds, protein powders etc so you can make it more nutritious with the added ingredients.

It's also a lot easier and faster to consume smoothie than eat a plate of fruits and vegetables.

How to Clean the Nutribullet Balance?

Cleaning the Nutribullet Balance is just like any other Nutribullet, you can put non-electrical and non-bladed components in a dishwasher. 

I usually handsoap the blade and let it dry quickly as this component can easily rust. You can wipe the base with water and little soap as well as drain leaks that might have come in contact with the base.

How To Use the Nutribullet Balance Without The App?

You can still use the Nutribullet Balance without the app. You won't be able to use the recipes and the calorie counting features. Just add your ingredients in the cup and snap-twist it on the base to start blending. 

Where to Buy The Nutribullet Balance?

The best place to buy is on Amazon because of fast, free shipping for Prime members. You can get your equipment in 1-2 days compared with other retailers. 

Why Buy The Nutribullet Balance From Amazon?

With Amazon, you'll also get better protection in case you needed to replace or refund the item. The Customer support and shopping experience on Amazon is superb.

Don't Get The Nutribullet Balanace without These Bonuses

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