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Juicers (Makes Drinks Without The Fiber)

Breville Juicers – This is the juicer that was used in the movie, Fat, Sick Nearly Dead, and one if my favorite models of juicers.

A juicer is the most basic tool when it comes to creating green juice or vegetable juice. It removes the fiber but extracts the “juice” from fruits and vegetables. You’ll want a juicer, if you’re doing a multi-day cleanse, or you wanted to lose weight by drinking fruits and vegetables.

There are many types of Juicers: Centrifugal, Masticating and Triturating Juicers

For Beginners: Centrifugal Juicers will do the job with budget in mind (It’s the least expensive from all the different types of Juicers).

It’s easy to use, powerful, and does the job well.

When it comes to Juicers, I only go with the Breville Brand (this is the same brand that Joe The Juicer from the Movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead used).

Top Blenders

A blender is a high speed machine that mixes everything and makes a creamy smoothie drink. The biggest advantage of creating smoothies is that you don’t throw the fiber away (fiber is very important in your digestive system).

When it comes to High Capacity blenders, there’s only 2 brands that I trust: the Blendtec blenders and the Vitamix Blenders. These high-speed blenders are very powerful in creating smoothies. And they double as food processors as well. You can make ice cream, almond milk, soup and more with these blenders. It also comes with a 7 year warranty so you know that your investment is protected.

But for those who are just starting out and would not like to spend that much in a blender, I would recommend that you check out the NutriBullet. The NutriBullet is a powerful extraction machine that creates smoothies as well. It’s very easy to use, easy to clean and most of all, it can create delicious smoothie drinks. This is actually my favorite smoothie maker especially when I’m busy because I can create my drinks in less than 5 minutes.

Blenders (Makes Drinks With The Fiber)

What machine did I use to create these Green Smoothie Drinks? – The Nutribullet Extractor Machine – Check out the best deals of Nutribullet here

The Nutribullet is not a blender and is not the same as the Magic Bullet. It’s not a Juicer as well. Read my review of Nutribullet

My Recommended Blenders

Other tools and equipments


Storing and Drinking

Add-ons for your drinks

Omega 3 – Algae-based DHA supplements, click here for the DEVA Omega 3 Supplement

Algae-based DHA supplements are rich sources of Omega 3 without the risk of toxicity commonly associated with fish products.

Vitamin D – sunlight or Vitamin D supplements, click here to check out Vitamin D supplements
Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 supplements, click here to check out Vitamin B12 supplements
Calcium – choose low-oxalate dark green leafy vegetables which includes all greens expect spinach, chard, and beet greens (these are healthy foods but are not good sources of calcium)

Iodine – seaweed or daily supplement of Iodine, click here to check out Iodine supplements

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