Should you buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

You probably have multiple appliances (from different brands) in your kitchen countertop? Do you have a blender, mixer, chopper, food processor, ice crusher? What if you could just “combine” all of these appliances into one? That would score you big points when the in-laws and neighbors come in. They’ll see that you have a very […]

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Should you buy the Organifi Red or Green Juice?

11 Superfoods packed in one bottle? If you’ve been juicing and drinking green smoothies before, it’s like putting 11 ingredients in your drink. I don’t know about you, but putting 11 ingredients on my drink would probably not taste good, and it would also be quite expensive. Which is why when I’ve heard about the product Organifi from a […]

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Should you buy the Original Magic Bullet?

Looking for a blender that can make delicious green smoothies and more? How about grind seeds, coffee, or chop almonds, or make your favorite salsa dip? Can the magic bullet live up to it’s claims? You’re about to find out in this Magic bullet review. What is the Magic Bullet 17 piece set? This is […]

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