FAQs About the Nutribullet

Hey there, welcome to my post about the different FAQs on the powerful nutrient extractor, the Nutribullet.
I’ve been receiving a lot of comments, feedbacks and questions and instead of sending a reply one by one, I’ve decided just to write this page.
I’ll do my best to provide all the answers to your questions, but if I missed something else, or if you know of a better answer, please tell me.
I would really appreciate it. Thanks! 🙂
SO let’s get started, here’s the different questions and answers (in no particular order)

Why does my Nutribullet Leak?

It’s most likely caused by over packing ingredients. Make sure that you’ve followed the directions when adding your fruits, vegetables and liquid (water, tea, or coconut water). Make sure that the water is not above the MAX line.

How to turn on the Nutribullet?

The very first thing that you’ll notice and might have difficulty figuring out is the power switch. The Nutribullet has no power on button because it’s simple operation is dependent on a simple twist motion. Just cover your drink with the extraction or milling blade, tighten it properly and snap it in the power base. Then twist it clockwise to start making your healthy drinks.

How to clean it?

This is what I love about this “New” Extractor machine. It’s very easy to clean. Just twist, remove covering, rinse with soap and water, dry and your done. It usually takes me less than 5 minutes to clean this equipment. That’s a really time saving machine.

Where is the Serial Number on the Nutribullet?

You’ll find it on the Powerbase. Make sure that you keep a copy or record of your serial number just in case your equipment broke down before the warranty expired.
Another advantage of having the serial number handy, is that you’ll get special access to the Nutriliving blog. This blog contains a lot of recipes, information and tips on how you can maximize the use of your machine.

How to lose weight with the Nutribullet?

This is probably the most asked question that I got here in my blog. And I’d like to answer that by sharing this article that I wrote: My Weight Loss Plan with the Nutribullet

Where can I get/buy the Nutribullet?

You can buy them in most grocery and kitchen appliance store. But I recommend that you check out some of the best prices and deals on Amazon.com
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