Are you thinking of buying your next juicing and smoothing equipment? Have you heard of the Nutribullet System?

Is this another Juicer or Blender?

The short answer: No. It's neither.

The Nutribullet system is a NUTRIENT Extractor.

What is that?

I've also asked that question before and I thought that it's identical with the Magicbullet (which I had) since they have both the “bullet” term in their brands.

But I was wrong.

I know you're going to ask this as well:

What is the difference between the Magic bullet and the Nutribullet?

Ok, I'll answer that question with an analogy.

The small and big

The beginner and Pro

The less powerful and more powerful

The magic bullet is designed to create “baby foods” and I'll assume that you're not a baby. But the Nutribullet has another purpose.

It's the nutrient extractor, which means it's a machine that helps release all the vital nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

This is possible by the cyclonic action of the system made possible by it's powerful motor  (600+ watts) and cyclonic blades.

That means that it does a pretty good job turning your fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies.

*Read my complete Nutribullet Review, where I provide specific details on how to use it, what to expect and more.

The Nutribullet System

How to Use the Nutri Bullet in 3 Easy Steps

It's really simple to use:

1. Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Check out some of the Nutribullet Recipes that will suite your taste. I always use a 50/50 fruits and vegetables combination.

2. Get the Tall Cup, fill it up with your fruits and vegetables and tighten it with the extractor blade.

3. Put the Tall Cup and lock it in the powerbase to start “extraction”. Allow a few seconds (never more than a minute), then turn tall cup to remove from powerbase and enjoy your powerpacked Nutrient drink!

Does the Nutribullet Chop Ice?

Yes, I've successfully added small ice shavings but not ICE cubes. I'd rather use a heavy duty blender like the Blendtec or the Vitamix if I want to create Ice shakes and crush ice.

Is the Nutribullet Worth It? Is it Any Good?

First, I'd like to clear up any confusion, that it's NOT a juicer. It's a smoothie machine.

Which means the Fiber in Fruits and Vegetables are NOT lost.

And this is what's important for most people.

If you want to feel full and satiated when juicing, it's important that you include the fiber in your drinks. Fiber also improves your health and your digestive system.

But some drinks are best juiced like wheatgrass because our bodies are not designed to digest wheatgrass fiber.

So does the Nutribullet provide me with the fiber that I need? Yes

Does it provide me with an easy way to create my drinks? Yes – In fact, it will take you longer to read this article than wash, extract, and drink a complete NUTRIBULLET drink.

Where Can I Buy The Nutribullet in Stores?

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