Before I answer that question, it's important to note that juicing is very different from blending (or smoothing) which is what the Nutribullet machine does.​

The Nutribullet machine doesn’t remove the fiber from the drinks, but instead pulverizes the fruits and vegetables into smaller particles for easier consumption. It is technically a smoothie machine or a blender.

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While juicing removes the fiber away from the drinks (about 90% is removed) and there are big differences between these two.

A “green juice”, without the fiber is less satisfying, and depending on your recipe, if you have more fruits, you can end up with a big “sugar rush” because of the sugar from natural fruits which could spike your insulin levels.

The “green smoothie” on the other hand will be more satisfying (you’ll feel more satiated) a lot faster than a “green juice”. But if you’ve also added a lot of fruits in your smoothies, it can also cause a spike in your insulin levels.

Now back to our question, which is more beneficial?

We’ve seen great results from both sides.

A lot of people are losing weight with the Nutribullet with different Nutriblasts (different Nutribullet recipes) while a lot of people are also losing weight with Juicing.

What’s important to note is what you feel would work for you.

You have to look at it in the long term scenario and not just on the short term effect. Personally, if I’m not busy, I can create “green juice”, and I’ll probably spend 10-15 mins from prep to finish.

But most of the time, I’m busy preparing for work, meals for the kids, and I only have a few minutes to prepare my drinks, then the Nutriblasts are the way to go for me.

This keeps me satiated and helps me avoid the daily drives for coffee and drive ins.