If you’re lactose-intolerant, allergic to “dairy milk” or if you’re simply wanting to make your own nut milks, then this article is for you…

I’ve been doing juicing and blending fruits and vegetables for quite some time (about a year and a half), and one of the recipes I’ve encountered involves “nut milks”.

When I first heard about “nut milks”, I told myself, what’s a nut milk?

I researched more about it and here’s what I’ve learned.

What are nut milks and a nut milk bag?

Nut milks are alternatives to “dairy and animal milk”. They are made by soaking nuts or seeds for several hours, then blending them with water to make a creamy mixture.

In order to separate the solid particles from the liquid part, you’ll need a strainer called a “nut milk bag”

Here’s a basic recipe for creating nut milks (and my current favorite nut milk added to my smoothies and drinks:

Almond Milk


Stop buying commercially prepared almond milk that might contain carrageenan. Make your own nut milk with just a nut milk bag and this recipe.

  • 1 handful Raw Almonds
  • 1 tbsp Honey (optional)
  1. 1. Clean your almonds first in running water.

    2. Put your almonds in a clean container.

    3. Add filtered water.

    4. Soak your almonds for 6-10 hours (helps release anti-nutrients)

    5. After soaking, rinse water from the container.

    6. Put soaked almonds in blender (Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja)

    7. Add water. If you want a thicker consistency, add less water.

    8. Start blending for a few seconds.

    9. Start straining the creamy mixture in your Nut Milk Bags

    10. Discard or reuse almond nut pulp (solid particles)

    11. Sweeten or enhance it with honey, stevia, vanilla or cinnamon

Enjoy your nut milk!

Don’t forget to reverse your nut milk bags for easy cleaning.

And there you have it, that’s one of my favorite nut milk recipes.

If you’re looking for nut milk bags, check these bestsellers

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Most nut milks bags available online are made from Food grade Nylon and threaded seams.

While food grade nylon is perfectly safe when creating nut milks, the threaded “nylon” stitches are not durable enough for repeated use.

They usually tear easily and you’ll end up buying another nut milk bag very soon (those expenses can easily add up and become expensive especially if you’re doing this daily).

That is why we recommend that you choose a nut milk bag that has durable seams. 

How to use a nut milk bag?

Whether you’ve bought your nut milk bag online or in a local store, ALWAYS wash it first with soap and water. Although it’s brand new and never been used, usually these nut milk bags are not sealed in a “sterile” container. So you want to be sure that it’s clean before using.

Just hang dry it and after a few minutes it will be ready for use.

Now that your nut milk bag is ready for use, line it in a big mouth pitcher or a container with a wide enough mouth. Also make sure that the seams are outside the nut milk bag and not inside. This will make it easier for you to clean your nut milk bags later on.

Use the drawstring to tightly secure your nut milk bag in the container’s mouth so that when you pour the mixture, it won’t spill.

Sometimes I use my hands to expand the nut milk bag which helps the nut milk bag stands on its own. This makes it easier for me to pour the mixture and strain my nut milk.

Using the nut milk bag is as simple as 1,2,3 as long as you follow these tips that I’ve mentioned.

Why make your own nut milk?

Aside from lower calories from nut milks, nut milks are also free from growth hormones and other problems associated with “dairy milk”. Just Google “dairy milk problems” and you’ll see tons of information why people are starting to avoid dairy milk.

While nut milks are now commercially available, I’m really not a fan of commercially-made products. These products have been pasteurized and have been enhanced with additives to prolong its shelf-life and improve its taste. I personally prefer to avoid buying “nut milks” made commercially.

It’s also not difficult to make your own, as long as you have the right ingredients, materials and equipments. And if you’re already juicing and smoothing, most likely you already have the equipment to make your own nut milks (the Nutribullet, Nutri Ninja or any blender).

You just need a reusable nut milk bag to strain your mixture and make your nut milks.

This nut milk bag is a great kitchen tool…

Did you know that you can use it to strain your green smoothies and turn them into delicious green juice drinks? (No need for buying expensive juicers if you’re on a tight budget right now)

Did you know that because it’s tough and durable, you can also use it to sprout seeds like mung beans, broccoli sprouts, etc.?

Different alternatives to nut milk bags

When I first started using nut milks as a substitute for dairy milk (animal products), I’ve used different materials to separate the liquid from the solid particles. I’ve used all of these:

  • Cheesecloths
  • Strainers
  • Sieves
  • Other Nut Milk Bags

But most of the time, there’s still a lot of solid particles mixed with the nut milks (liquid) that I’ve strained. The nut milk bags that I’ve also used before are also easily torn and ripped, especially when I squeeze them to get more extract from the nuts.

Most of the holes and rips came from the seams that joins the nut milk bags together. The seams are sewn together with threads that are easily damaged in multiple uses and too much pressure when squeezing the bags.

Although, I’ve purchased these nut milk bags at a cheaper price, I’m not actually saving because I’ll have to buy a new one after a few uses.

I’ve now replaced my daily consumption of “dairy milks” with “nut milks” because it’s lactose-free, gluten-free and has less calories. Nut milks are perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep watch of their caloric intake.

These nut milk bags can also be used to strain the fiber from your smoothies which removes the fiber. This technique is what I used and recommend for people who wants to try juicing (without the fiber) but don’t want to buy expensive juicers and only have countertop blenders like the Nutri Ninja or the Nutribullet PRO 900.

So I needed a nut milk bag that is reusable, won’t tear easily, easy to use, easy to clean and affordable. I started buying and testing different nut milk bags because I was searching for something that would be economical for my multiple uses.

I have spent a couple of nut milk bags, and one by one, they would rip and tore in the seams.

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