41Tvyxja8L2Are you thinking of getting a nut milk bag but are still on the fence because of some questions that you might want to be answered first? 

I've compiled the most frequently asked questions about Nut Milk Bags, if you think I've missed some of them, let me know or leave a comment below and I'll include them in the next update.

Most of the nut milk bags available online are reusable.

They are mostly made of Nylon which is a very durable material. The only time wherein you can't re-use a nut milk bag, is when the stitches in the seams have been broken due to poor quality or overuse.

  • What are Nut Milk Bags Made Of?

They are mostly made up of Nylon and are BPA free (since BPA is mosty from plastic and epoxy products).

  • Are Nylon Nut Milk Bags Safe?

Nut milk bags are made of Food Grade Nylon and are perfectly safe for use.

  • Can You Reuse Nut Milk Bags?

Yes, you can completely reuse them.

A lot of people have been using it to create their own almond milks, cashew milk, hazelnut milk, and use it for other purposes (sprouting, straining, making cold brewed coffee). If you use the nut milk bag for cold brewed coffee, expect to have some staining on the nut milk bag because of overnight soaking in coffee grind.

  • How Long Do Nut Milk Bags Last?

These usually depends on how you handle the nut milk bags and the quality of it. One of the earliest areas that gets broken in a nut milk bag is the stitches on the reams. Don't squeeze your nut milk bags too hard because it will lengthen the lifespan of your nut milk bags.

  • How to Clean Nut Milk Bag?

Cleaning the Nut milk bag is easy. Just invert the nut milk bag (make sure that the stitches are outside when you use it), and just run water through it. The bits and pieces that are clinging to the nut milk will be watered away easily.

  • How Does a Nut Milk Bag Work?

Nut Milk bags work by separating the solid parts from the liquid parts of your milk, coffee, tea or smoothie. The fine mesh allows only the liquid part to go through the fine nylon mesh.

  • Why Use a Nut Milk Bag?

If you want smoother drinks then you need to use a nut milk bag that is durable and can filter your drinks properly, separating the solid parts from the liquid portions.

  • How to Squeeze Nut Milk Bag?

There are two methods to properly squeeze the Nut Milk Bag, the one hand method and the two hand method. Both methods would require control rather than forceful squeezing which would shorten the lifespan of your nut milk bags.

  • How to Use Nut Milk Bag for Juicing?


When you create your Green Juice or Green smoothies, usually there's still tons of fiber in these drinks. If you want to have a finer drink without the pulp, you can use a nut milk bag to strain the solid portions.

What Does a Nut Milk Bag Look Like?

A Nut Milk Bag Looks like a Big bag of Nylon with a satiny, silky feel. It has a string on top of it to help latch it into wide mouth containers so that you can pour your ingredients securely in your containers.

What Does a Nut Milk Bag Do?

A Nut Milk bag can be used for a variety of reasons. It can be used for creating nut milks, it can be used for sprouting, straining, cold brewed coffee, green juice, green smoothies, and almost any application that needs straining.

Where To Buy Nut Milk Bag? Where to Get Them?

You can buy the nut milk bags online. Here's a link to get the best deals on the Nut Milk Bag.

Who Sells Nut Milk Bags?

Most local stores and grocery stores don't carry Nut Milk Bags. Fortunately it's available on Amazon.

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