You've heard of the “extraction machine” that can create delicious green smoothies from my previous articles…

But have you also heard of the Ninja blender? 

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Are these Ninja Blenders Good Enough?

That's what I'm about to share here.

I'll do the research on these Ninja Blenders (I'll review 3 for now) and share them with you.

Hopefully this will help you decide whether to choose a Ninja Blender on another brand of blender.

Ok, for starters, here's the company behind the Ninja Blenders product line: SharkNinja Operating LLC, based in Newton, MA.

After digging on the web, I've found out that they are a reputable company and in fact, I've seen an article on how they handle ‘recalls' for a product that has some potential problems.

The blenders don't need to be recalled, but there was change on the sets of instructions on how to use the Ninja BL660 Series. If you have these Ninja blenders, check the revised manuals here.

For me, that's a great sign from a company as well as I can see how they stand behind their product and provide after-sales support.

They are also accredited with BBB or the better business bureau with an A+ rating.

How To Pick The Perfect Ninja Blender For You

So you want to start drinking green smoothies (with fiber)? You need a blender to do that.

But if you want to leave the fiber out, you need to get a juicer (though you can be resourceful with a blender by using a nut milk bag to strain the fiber from your smoothies and turn it into a juice drink).

Since you're here, I'll assume that you'd like to get a Ninja Blender to create your drinks…

If I'm going to pick one myself, here are the factors that I need to consider:

  1. Watts – The operating wattage of the motor is crucial in determining the smoothness of your smoothies. If you would like finer drinks, you'll need a powerful motor (about 1,000 watts). But if you don't mind a little bit of chunky drinks, a lower wattage will suffice. A lower watts blender (around 400 – 700 watts) will do the job fine, but will also less expensive in your energy bills.
  2. Design – I don't know about you, but I take pride on my kitchen appliances. For me, it's a conversation starter when friends and family visits my place. Pick a design that will suite your taste and lifestyle.
  3. Size of Cups – At first, this might be insignificant if there's not a lot of people who wants to use the machine. Having a bigger sized cup and container will help you create drinks in bigger batches, enough for you and your loved ones.
  4. Budget – This is probably one of the biggest things that you'll want to consider before purchasing your Ninja Blender. What's your budget? How much can you truly afford? Is it for heavy-duty use like in a commercial or restaurant setting? Are you going to use it daily? weekly? Look into the warranty of the blender as well. Cups and accessories are subject to normal wear and tear. They are not usually covered in a warranty.

My Best Ninja Blender Choices For 2018

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) – 400 to 450 watts, Quad blade technology

For most people, you'll probably have lots of other kitchen tools and appliances.

This is probably one of those that's a must-have, because it's not just a blender, it can also act as a mini food processor, and it's very much affordable…

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Most expensive blender have a motor with 1,000+ watts or more.

And the bigger the blender motor is, the noisier it would be. They can also be limited on what you could do. Those big, expensive blenders are usually just good for making fine smoothies…

I've read about the Ninja Master Prep on Amazon and saw what people are saying about this product. They've been using it to make beans, sauces, smoothies, dips, chopped onions and garlics.

Looking for a quick frozen treat?

Whip up some fruit, add some nut milk (or coconut milk), add some ice (or frozen fruits), blend them in the Ninja Master Prep, and start enjoying a frozen treat…

You'll love this Ninja, just like what thousands have experienced. I won't be surprised if you'll be using more than once per day. Make sure that you get one more set for backup, or as a gift to family and friends.

Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450) – 900 watts Blender

For those who are still on the fence between choosing a Nutri Ninja blender vs a Nutribullet. Read this review.

If you've been watching late-night infomercials, you've probably seen these two brands on these infomercials.


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The Nutribullet PRO 900 had more accessories, but costs a little bit more. Which is understandable because it had more accessories included. But when the Consumer reports cautioned consumers of the Nutribullet PRO 900's safety hazard issue, the Nutri Ninja PRO seemed to be a viable solution, at a much lower price as well.

Having bought the Nutri Ninja, it was able to do everything I've hoped for.

It can crush ice. It can blend veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, really well. It's also very easy to clean and prepare just like the Nutribullet.

Though you'll need to hold the Nutri Ninja and twist it when using. If you don't hold it, it won't work as it's probably a safety mechanism to prevent you from letting the Ninja run for long periods that could damage the motor.

The cups and the accessories are also dishwasher friendly, so I'm not really concerned with the preparation and cleanup during every after use.

I use the Nutri Ninja PRO daily and these are some of my favorite recipes to make.

  • 1 cup almond milk (made with soaked almonds filtered in a nut milk bag)
  • 1 handful of greens (spinach, kale, bokchoy, Swiss chard, cilantro, etc. – use in any combination)
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen fruit (fresh is also good, but using frozen fruits will help you create chilled drinks which tastes better)
  • 1 tbsp of chia or flax seeds

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) – 1100 watts

If you're having problems with crushing ice for your blenders, you'll love the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) because it can do a great job with the hefty price tag of the more expensive brands like the Vitamix or the Blendtec machines.

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Loved to turn those ice into snow? You'll love this machine
and it's not going to cost you $400.

You might be thinking that by using the Ninja Professional Blender, cleanup will be a big problem especially for those who are only going to prepare a single-served drink. Fortunately, there's a single serve option with the Ninja Professional Blender.

Here are some few things that is worth mentioning though:

  • The Ninja Professional Blender has six blades and it could take up a lot of space when blending. Try not to overcrowd your pitcher with too much produce as to leave enough room when blending.
  • It's great for making fruit smoothies (frozen and fresh fruits) with or without greens or veggies. But it struggles if you need to create green drinks without any fruits. The leaves of veggies are too soft to be blended properly by the Ninja Professional Blender.
  • There's a reason the Vitamix and the Blendtec machines costs 3X more than the Ninja Professional Blender, they have more powerful motors, but that doesn't mean that the Ninja can't do the job.
  • If you prefer a smoother consistency on your green drinks, use the single serve option. The single serve cups makes up for a lot of the shortcomings on this blender.
  • You can use it to make home-made peanut butter. Buy peanuts, put them in the Ninja Professional Blender and run for about 3 minutes to start enjoying your Homemade Peanut butter.
  • You can use it to chop salads, cabbage, coleslaw or even onions.

Frequently asked questions about the Ninja Blenders?

Where to Buy The Ninja Blenders?

Now that you've read the ultimate guide to choosing a Ninja blender, it's now time to get yours today. Check out Amazon and find the best deals on the Ninja Blenders today. You can find Ninja Blender retailers online and offline. If you're looking for online options and would like a more convenient way of shopping, check out the Ninja Blender's Amazon pages.

Can the Ninja Blender Crush Ice?

Yes, they can easily crush ice.

Can I make juice with the Ninja Blenders?

Nope. It's a blender which means that it create smoothies which leaves the fibers intact. Use a nut milk bag as a strainer to turn your smoothies into juice.

What's the Best Ninja Blender Model?

It's hard to say, it depends. Some people needs a bigger blender, others a smaller blender. Hopefully, I've give you some inspiration on which to choose.

Are there Reviews for Ninja Blenders?

Yes, I've written detailed reviews of specific Ninja Blender models. You may check them out here:

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