The Nutribullet VS The Ninja Professional Blender NJ600

Which would you buy? The Nutribullet PRO or the Ninja Professional Blender?

A lot of readers have been wondering about this question. 

So if you're looking for a comparison between these two blenders, you'll love this article. 

I even made a document that showcases the key differences between these two blenders…

(If you are looking for a Nutribullet VS Nutri Ninja comparison, check it out here)

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Type of Machine

What Type of machine is the Nutribullet and the Ninja Professional Blender?

Actually, they are both blenders.

Blenders are very much different than juicers because they leave the fiber intact in your drinks. If you're still unsure whether to choose a juicer or a blender, I've written an article about it

The Nutribullet has been called a “nutrient extractor” because it pulverizes the ingredients which releases the nutrients from your fruits, seeds, and vegetables. On the other hand, the Ninja can also be used a food processor.

But in terms of food processors, I still prefer the Vitamix or the Blendtec for a blender/food processor duo.​

Power (Motor)

We might think that a powerful motor (higher wattage) is more effective. But in this case, the less powerful motor is more more effective in creating finer smoothies.

The drinks that were created with the Nutribullet are smoother when compared with the Ninja Blender.

Even though the Ninja has 1,000 watts (a more powerful motor), the patented extraction blade of the Nutribullet did a better job with it’s cyclonic action.

Weight (How heavy is this machine?)

Since the Ninja has a more powerful motor, it’s heavier by almost 1.3 pounds than the Nutribullet.

The Ninja is taller too. I prefer to have the Nutribullet because it occupies very little kitchen space.

Although I use it everyday, I still prefer to have my kitchen counter neat with less clutter from bulky appliances.

And of course, if it’s lighter it’s easier to carry too!

Technology/Action (What makes it an effective blender?)

As I’ve mentioned previously, power is nothing if it’s not as effective.

I’ve seen both machines in action and when turned on at the same time, the Nutribullet creates better smoothies (less chunks and finer drinks).

Even though the Nutribullet has 400 watts less power than the Ninja Blender, it still makes the better smoothies.

It might be because of the “Cyclonic action” that the patented extraction blade does.

It’s a fancy blade that makes the Nutribullet really effective in creating delicious smoothies.

Price (How much does each machine cost?)

There’s not a big difference when it comes to the price of these machines. Both machines are in the $100 range.

If you’re thinking of buying a more expensive blender, choose the Vitamix or the Blendtec (both machines are around $300 and above) but does a very well job in creating smoothies, soups, ice cream and more.

The Vitamix and Blendtec machines can also be used as food processors.​

What would I Use and Recommend?

Based on the comparison that I did before, I went with my Nutribullet.

The price is similar but it has more benefits. It’s also easier to clean.

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    You compared a Nutrition Extractor to a Blender, which has been claimed to not do the same thing. Therefore, not a good comparison. YOu should have compared the Nutribullet to the NutriNinja’s Extractor like the BL 456, 480, etc.

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