Nutri Ninja PRO Blender Reviewed – Should you buy this?

Do you want to consume more fruits and vegetables and supercharge your diet with tons of valuable nutrients?

The truth is, most people hate eating their veggies and that includes most of us…

But what if there's a way to consume more fruits and vegetables without actually feeling like you've become a “herbivore”…

My unbiased review of the Nutri Ninja Pro Blenders…

That's where this powerful blender: the Nutri Ninja PRO BL450/BL455/BL456 series comes in. It's can liquefy almost any nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds into a delicious and healthy drink.

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I've been a long time user of the Nutribullet appliances. They have been my preferred choice when it comes to creating “green drinks” (green smoothies)…

But based on reader feedback from this blog, I got interested in the Nutri Ninja brands. Apparently, this is a blender that is worth being compared with the Nutribullet PRO 900.

And because my readers have wanted to compare the two blenders, I've purchased the Nutri Ninja online and have used it extensively. I'm hoping that this article will help you decide what's the best blender for you and your family.​

What is this Nutri Ninja Blender?​ Ninja Juicer?

The Nutri Ninja is the personal countertop blender model from the SharkNinja brands.

I've talked about the different models and brands for SharkNinja here.


What makes this model and particular brand interesting is that it can do a lot of things that the Nutribullet PRO 900 can't do.

I'm not fixated on particular brands when creating my “green smoothie drinks”, but rather I'm willing to try other appliances to learn how it compares with what I'm currently using.

The Nutri Ninja PRO Blender is a complete “smoothies and blending” appliance that can help you create “smoothies”. Smoothies are drinks that contains the fiber from fruits and vegetables.

While I won't discuss the differences, pros and cons between juicing and smoothies, here's an article that will help provide more insight to that topic.

The Nutri Ninja is a personal countertop blender which means that it's very easy to use and operate just like the Nutribullet.

How good is it? Is this a Nutribullet competitor?

I've found out that if you compare it with the high-end blenders like the Vitamix or the Blendtec blenders, the Nutra Ninja can't compete. These high-end blenders can create “hot soups” with it's high-speed action.

But of course, these high-end and professional blenders would cost more.

So if you want the highest quality and most expensive blenders, go with a Vitamix or the Blendtec blenders.

But if you're looking for a blender that's practical yet powerful and easy enough to use, then this is a great option. There are tons of great ratings and feedback of this product on Amazon 

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It has 900 watts of power. That means that it can crush ice easily. It has reusable cups with lids, and that makes it portable on-the-go especially if you want to bring your drinks while going to work or during your exercise. 

The Nutri Ninja PRO is also a lot cheaper than the high-end blenders.

And if you compare the Nutri Ninja PRO with the Nutribullet PRO 900, you'll find that they have the same power (900 watts), but the Nutri Ninja would still cost much cheaper than the Nutribullet PRO 900.

How to use this appliance?

It's very easy to use and operate this appliance. 

If you've used the Nutribullet before, preparation and use is almost the same. The only big difference is how you operate it.

In the Nutribullet, you insert, twist and hold to start the cycle (grinding, extraction, pulverizing, etc).

But in the Nutri Ninja, you need to insert, twist and push, then hold. The Nutri Ninja prevents overheating the motor because once you remove your hands when blending, the cycle stops.​

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes and No.

Not all parts of the Nutri Ninja system is dishwasher safe, or even washable. The power base and it's electrical components should obviously never be submerged in water.

You also have to make sure that you've always unplugged the power base before you clean it.

But the cups and lids are dishwasher safe.

For the extractor blades, I manually wash it with mild soap and water then let it air-dry for a few minutes.


Which is better?

The truth is that no one blender can meet all of your needs. You need to decide on which product can help you achieve your goal best. 

This is the reason I've created this article. I've done the research on most of these blenders, I present them to you and then I let you decide on which is the one that will fit your needs best.

When comparing the Nutri Ninja PRO, it can only really be comparable with the same blender and machine that same range of power wattage: 900 watts.

In that case, it will be the Nutribullet PRO 900.

Nutri Ninja PRO vs the Nutribullet PRO 900

The Nutribullet PRO 900 is the more popular brand. But I'm concerned with some of the issues that other people have encountered with the Nutribullet PRO 900.

Some people have reported that the blades of the Nutribullet PRO 900 had manufacturing defects.

Others reported that the Nutribullet PRO 900 can't crush ice really well.

Which is better the Magic Bullet, the Nutribullet, the Ninja Professional Blender or the Nutri Ninja?

Both of these problems are not present (or haven't been reported) by users of the Nutri Ninja PRO 900.

Though the Nutri Ninja feels a lot lighter than the Nutribullet PRO 900 which can be a “turn off” for some people. Overall, the Nutri Ninja PRO 900 is a great buy.

The good thing when you buy the Nutri Ninja from Amazon is that you can choose an extended warranty plan which helps protect your investment for the next few years.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ vs the Nutri Ninja PRO

Now let's compare two models from the same Sharkninja company. Sharkninja is the company behind the Nutri Ninja brands.

But there's two types of Nutri Ninja's available in the market, the manual version: The Nutri Ninja PRO 900 and the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ (BL482) model.

The Nutri Ninja PRO 900 requires that you twist and hold it to operate a cycle. You control the time manually on how long you want each cycle to run. Nevertheless, it should always be never more than 1 minute or you'll risk burning the high-speed motor.

While the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ utilizes an automatic and programmable
to operate an entire cycle.

This is a hands-free operation that enables you to make your smoothies without much intervention.

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How much does it cost?

The Nutri Ninja PRO costs less than $100.

It's a very reasonable price for the features and benefits of this small appliance. 

It can almost compare to the most expensive blenders out there.​

Back when I first bought the Nutri Ninja, I've paid almost $100 for this item. But you're lucky because the increased demand for the Nutri Ninja, increased the supply as well. And that resulted to a lower price for this Ninja blender.

Where can I buy the Nutri Ninja?

Whether you're in Canada, UK, United States or anywhere in the world, you'll be able to find a local store or supermarket that sells the Nutri Ninja.

But if want convenience, you might also try getting the Nutri Ninja at Amazon. When you purchase the Nutri Ninja on Amazon, you'll take advantage of Amazon's world-class eCommerce experience. 

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    I was given a Nutri ninja IQ as a gift over a year ago ,I would have barely used it 15 times and all of a sudden it stopped working . I don’t have a receipt either . Is there anywhere I can get it fixed or is it cheaper to buy another one ?

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