Are you planning to Buy a Juicer to create your delicious and healthy drinks?Choosing what juicer to buy should not be a difficult and tough decision.

In this article, I'd like to share with you several factors I highly recommend that you consider when choosing the right juicer. For me, it's essential to choose the right equipment because it means I'll be able to save time, money and become more efficient when it comes to creating my drinks. 

I didn't know better when I first started. I actually bought a cheap juicer (made of plastic) from one of the local stores in our area.

And as expected, after a couple of use which actually lasted for a few months, it broke down. So I'm thinking, did I really saved money?

Probably not… And if asked now how I choose a juicer, I simply consider these several factors. Let me share them with you…



It's important that you choose a juicer that can “extract” most of the nutrients from your fruits and vegetables.

A masticating juicer is a lot better than the centrifugal juicer because of it's powerful, low RPM function.

(We are using the Kuvings B6000 Whole slow juicer, and Loving it!)


Am I limited to only creating Juice (without the fiber)? If I can use my juicer to create almond milk, butter and smoothies, then it's a really versatile equipment.

Note: a Real Juicer removes the pulp from fruits and vegetables, but some machines can double as food processors or powerful blenders.


Juicing and creating your drinks will only be fun if it's easy to clean. I've noticed that if it would take me more than 10 minutes to clean my juicer (as with my old juicer), I always end up not using it.

Another quick example of an equipment that is easy to clean is the NutriBullet Extraction machine.


Obviously there are two types of speeds for Juicers. The High RPM and the low RPM.

For centrifugal juicers, you'll notice that it has a high RPM. A higher RPM can mean it has a more powerful motor, enabling you to extract more juice.

But in the case of masticating Juicers which have a lower RPM, don't worry because it can still extract more juice because of it's powerful action.


Aha, this is personal choice. I've noticed that some people love to have a real, noisy and powerful juicer (but not me).

When you choose centrifugal juicers (higher RPM) it's usually very noisy. If you have babies and kids that are sleeping, it will surely wake them up.

But if you choose the lower RPM masticating juicers, you won't have problems with noise.


Probably one of the biggest factors that people consider when purchasing a juicer is the price. Even if it's a high quality juicer, but if it's out of your budget, then you can still settle with less expensive alternatives like this one

Or you can save money and invest on it later on (the best prices for these juicers can be found on Amazon, the world's largest online retailer).

Just purchase any of these juicers (these are my choices) and start creating delicious and enticing drinks for you and your entire family!

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