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Welcome to another tip for all those who are interested in juicing and blending! This is a great tip that can help you save hundreds of dollars in expensive Juicing equipment. 

While buying a dedicated and powerful juicer is probably one of the greatest investments I've ever made for my health, I'm aware that for some people, they just don't have the budget yet to buy the expensive juicers that costs around $200 or more.

If you're also starting out, and you can only choose to invest in one equipment, a juicer or a blender, I would recommend going with a blender (particularly the Nutribullet PRO 900 or the Nutri Ninja PRO) as your first machine.

Both machines are small, compact, easy to use and affordable, making it the perfect investment for anyone who would like to get started with getting more fruits and vegetables in their system.

These machines are “smoothie makers” which means that the “fiber” is intact when creating your drinks. There are many times that we'll want to utilize the fiber in our drinks:

  • We want to feel more satisfied and full with our “green smoothies”
  • We want to bulk up in our stool and bowel movement
  • We want to consume enough fiber that is an integral part of a healthy digestive system

But, there will be many times where we will want to “remove” and “separate” the fiber from our drinks.

And for that purpose, we need a juicer that can do just that. Separate the “juice” and “extract” of your fruits and vegetables with it's “fiber”.

The reasons for wanting to create drinks “with less fiber” includes the following:

  • We want to lose weight faster, less fiber means less calories
  • We want to facilitate faster absorption of nutrients, with less fiber, it's easier for our digestive system to absorb “green juice” than “green smoothies”

Since our individual bodies are different, the only way to know which is optimum for yoxu is to try them both: Juicing and Blending

For me, I've noticed that I was able to lose weight faster with just “juicing – without the fiber” than with smoothies. And I also feel energized a lot faster with “juicing”.

If you have the Nutri Ninja PRO Blender or the Nutribullet Machine, you don't have to purchase a Juicer (the good ones are about $200+ or more).

All you need is to create your regular smoothies with your blenders, then use a food strainer to separate the liquid parts from the solid parts.

Once they are separated, you can use the solid parts as stuffing or use a dehydrator to turn them into delicious chips.

You can then enjoy the separated “juice” without using an expensive juicer.

When I discovered this method, we were so amazed on how efficient and affordable it was. But there was a problem with most “food strainers” that we've used.

They tore easily…

After 4-5 uses, the seams of these food strainers starts to separate and of course it would affect the consistency of the “juice” that I make. There would be solid particles that would pass through the holes of the “broken seams”.

Since we are doing this daily, we wanted something that can be used many times without tearing on the seams.

We found our solution on this Nut Milk bag.

This Nut Milk Bag is a reusable, food grade nylon, food strainer, that has “ultrasonic welded seams” which makes the seams tough from wear and tear.

It is very easy to use and clean.

Here's the exact steps that I take everytime I want to create “juice drinks” from my smoothies.

1. Blend my fruits and vegetables regularly using my blenders (Nutribullet or the Nutri Ninja). This will give you a smoothie drink.

2. Make sure that the nut milk bags are inverted with the seams connections outside to prevent food particles from being lodged between the seams.

3. Prepare the Nut Milk bag in a Wide mouth container (a pitcher) and make sure that a large portion of the nut milk bag is inside your container to avoid any spillage.

4. Use the drawstrings to secure your nut milk bag with the mouth of your container.

5. Slowly pour your “smoothie drink” into the nut milk bag opening and allow enough time for it to separate the liquid parts from the solid parts.

6. You can speed-up the separation by squeezing the nut milk bag, but I found that it's not necessary because it can also be messy.

7. After separating the liquid part, you can now enjoy your “juice drink – with less fiber”. You can use the fiber for stuffing, chips, etc.

This method will only cost you less than $20 and you can also use the Nut Milk Bag to create your Own Nut Milks (alternative to dairy milk), Use it for sprouting seeds, or you can use it to brew cold press coffee as well.

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