Should I Juice or Should I Blend? Which is Better?

I've heard this question many times before.

And maybe you've heard or even asked this question. Should I Juice or should I blend fruits and vegetables?

The quick answer is that you should do BOTH!

Let me tell you why you should try Juicing or Blending…

Juicing extracts the enzymes and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.  While blending, well it blends them into finer pieces. Blending is a lot easier to consume than eating them.

The biggest problem with juicing is that it REMOVES fiber. And fiber is very important for bulk, digestion, and overall colon health. Without fiber, we are essentially throwing away 90% of the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

So for that matter, blending is much better. The biggest problem with a blender is that it's not designed to make a smoothie. Smoothies are juice drinks that retains the fiber and it's a great way to feel full and not crave for foods anymore.

Blenders leaves big chunks of fruits and vegetables and they make it hard to “gulp” the juice drink. I prefer to have the Nutribullet System, which is a great Nutrition extractor. This nutrient extractor is not really a “blender” per se, because it “pulverizes” fruits, nuts, vegetables easily.

You can easily drink the concoctions made from a Nutribullet machine.

These are now my favorite drinks.

But why should you just use the Nutribullet for everything?

Because unfortunately, there are some fruits and vegetables that have fibers that are not designed to be digested by our gastrointestinal system. If we try to drink the fiber of these plant foods, we'll have a hard time processing it.

Wheatgrass is a great example of what I'm talking about.

You can't drink the fiber from wheatgrass because it will not be easily digested by your stomach and intestines. If you want to unlock the nutrients and benefits of this plant food, you'll avoid using the Nutribullet system and go with a real juicer.

Here are some of my juicer reviews (Centrifugal and Masticating Juicers). As part of my Juicing journey, I have a juicer, the Nutribullet and a blender (which I seldom use).

What are the benefits of Juicing versus blending?

In terms of getting more nutrients, blending has the potential to provide you with more nutrients because fiber is present.

The best benefit of juicing is that you'll feel lighter when you just juice as opposed to blending. You'll also lose weight quickly since Juicing provides no fiber. The downside is that you might not feel satisfied if you just juice, and then you end up eating foods that are unhealthy.

What's Better Juicing or Blending?

Again, when you look at the benefits, it seems that Blending or Smoothing provides you with the best nutrients per money spent (Best nutrient ratio per dollar spent). It's because of the bulk and fiber that comes with smoothing.

But Juicing is better if you want to lose weight.

So it's a personal preference on understanding your goal, why you're trying a juicing diet. If you want to lose weight, then go for Juicing, but if not, then smoothing or blending would be the best option.

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Any Additional Tips when Juicing vs Blending Vegetables

Always remember to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Try to buy at local farmer's market as much as possible. This way, you minimize exposure to chemicals, toxins and other pesticides.

How about you? Are you Juicing or Blending?

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