How to Make Vegetable Juice Taste Better

How to make vegetable juice taste better begins with categorizing those vegetables that are nutritious and full of flavor when turned into juice.

Vegetables that are naturally sweet such as Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Zucchini, Parsley, and Carrots are great bases.

The idea is to go slow and add a little bit of spice or herbs at a time, until just right.

Just as important as taste, vegetables have unique flavor strengths.

For example, beetroot juice is stronger than carrot juice so it should be combined with milder tasting vegetables such as celery, cucumbers or perhaps an apple or lemon.

Cabbage also has a distinctive taste, but mixed with carrots or celery, and a jalapeño pepper for zip, green juice lovers drink it right up. Adding a dash of ginger, an apple and some mint to broccoli results in a nice broccoli drink combo.

Some people like kale in their drinks. A fine mixture of kale and spinach with chili pepper will knock any grassy taste right out of the juice.

Fruit added to a vegetable drink will give it a sweet taste. Apples, kiwi, and pears are great natural sweeteners. If possible, select organic vegetables and fruits for juice recipes. The nutritional value of organic vegetables and fruits will mean healthier and better tasting drinks.

The juicer will slice and dice any peelings, except citrus, and extract the nutritional goodness that enhances a delicious vegetable juice drink.

­­Vegetables and fruit play a beneficial role in disease prevention and weight management. The need for increased vegetable consumption is an important factor to improving people's health.

Because most vegetables have more nutrition and fewer calories, vegetable juices are particularly helpful in managing weight and increasing overall good health. Vegetable juice can be incredibly tasty and it helps to prevent a mid-morning or mid-afternoon crash. A serving provides an abundance of greens and fiber, is a superb source for raw foods,and delivers plenty of energy for a busy day.

Juice aficionados classify sweet vegetable juices as red and orange. They classify green juices as those that are made of green leafy vegetables. Don't be afraid to add something sweet to the green juices and some spinach or celery to a red and orange juice. Adding Worcestershire sauce,or bell pepper results in zippy tasting green drinks.

The US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services released a report in 2010 that provides solid advice about making informed food choices and encourages adding vegetables and fruit for a healthier life style.

Diversity is essential when learning how to make vegetable juice taste better. The greener juices have a stronger flavor than fruit sweetened juices, but are delicious by adding cayenne, jalapeno, or ginger. Vegetable juice,when served very cold, is an appealing way to increase vegetable intake.

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