There are several different ways that people can begin the wheatgrass growing process without having to go out and purchase some of the higher end products.

There is a step-by-step process one can take to simply grow wheatgrass at home and make juice as well.

One thing to remember is that the number of cups of seeds depends solely on the size of the area in which one will be planting. Taking this into consideration before starting is extremely important in learning how to grow wheatgrass for juicing.

Prep the Wheat

Several items are needed for learning how to grow wheatgrass for juicing:

Sieve or small cloth, tap water, a growing tray, and, of course, wheat grains. Approximately 1 cup of seed will fit in a small tray (10”x10”) and yields approximately 10 ounces of juice. Approximately 2 cups of seed in a large tray (17”x17”) will yield 20 ounces of juice per tray.

Soaking the Wheat

Use cool tap water to wash the wheat grains and then soak them in water for 12 to 24 hours, covered. Longer than that, and the wheat emits a strong odor. About 2 cups of water to 1 cup of wheat and they should enlarge after the soak. Drain the water from the tray, rewash them, and then drain again.

Sprout Wheat

One can either spread the wheat grains on a colander or sieve, covering them with a damp cloth, or wrap the grains in wet cloth in a tray. In 12 hours, the wheat should sprout.

Sow Wheat

Using a pot or tray, add about 1 inch of soil, dampening it, and finally adding a layer (thin) of sprouted wheat grains until the soil is no longer visible. Because wheat grains do not grow into grass, not putting enough seeds will yield less wheatgrass. Finally, add a little soil over the seeds, a little water, and use a damp cloth to cover it.


For 2 to 3 days, keep the cloth dampened by sprinkling water on top 2 times a day. Eventually, green/white blades will appear, at which point covering the pots is no longer necessary. However, watering the grass 2 times a day is still necessary in order to moisten the soil. The process will take approximately 10 days at which point 6”-7” of grass will have grown.

Making Wheatgrass Juice

Use a regular kitchen blender. First, cut the wheatgrass just above the white area, and wash it. Add 1 to 2 tbsp of water into the blender, the wheatgrass, and blend. With either a tea strainer or sieve, press the mixture until only the thick pulp remains. Add another 2 tbsp of water and the pulp in the blender and blend again.

Strain the juice and discard the pulp. What’s left is wheatgrass juice. This should always be consumed fresh and in a shot form for the best, most nutritional drink possible.

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