5 Tips When Juicing For Weight Loss

5 Tips When Juicing For Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight while juicing? And failed?

Do you have many questions about juicing?

Are you interested to know how you can lose weight and keep them off permanently?

These are just some of the most commonly asked questions raised by our readers.

And I'd like to give some few tips to help you achieve your weight loss goals when juicing.

Tip #1 - Use more green, dark leafy vegetables than fruits when creating your drinks

Dark, green leafy vegetables are very nutrient dense, whole, raw, plant-based foods.

They are also low in calories which is important to losing weight.

If you try to use more fruits in your drinks, you might end up with a lot of "natural" sugar in your bloodstream resulting to more weight gain.

Tip #2 - Replace one or two of your meals with Juice drinks

If you're trying to lose weight, you need to make a calorie-deficit consumption in your diet.

By simply replacing your meals with a "green juice" drink, you're actually consuming less calories which can help in your weight loss goals.

If you try to drink your "green juice" while still maintaining your old eating habits, you'll end up with more calories and therefore gain weight instead of losing weight.

Another thing that I've done recently was to replace all my "dairy milk" consumption with consuming more "almond milk, or plant-based milks".

This way, I'm consuming less animal products and consuming less calories as well.

Tip #3 - It's still important to exercise and become more active

While some people would still manage to lose weight by just replacing their meals with a "green juice" drink or "green smoothie", most people would still need to exercise.

Exercise helps with the release of natural fat-burning hormones as well as other beneficial hormones.

Tip #4 - Discover different Juicing Recipes for Weight loss

Make this journey fun! If you want to learn how to lose weight while juicing, why not try different juicing recipes that are designed to help you lose weight. Here's my top 3 favorite recipes for weight loss.

Tip #5 - Variety is key!

If you've been creating your green juice and green smoothies the same way day after day, you're body could adapt and slow-down your weight loss.

Adding variety is key to your weight loss journey. Here are some suggestions... Instead of Pasta noodles, why not try Zucchini noodles.

Instead of adding milk to your drinks or as a daily consumption, why not make almond milk instead. You can also use almond milk as a substitute for water when creating your drinks.

Overall, there's probably more tips on how you can use Juicing for Weight Loss, but for now, these 5 tips are perfect to help you get started.

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