The #1 Mistake Most People Make When Juicing

The #1 Mistake Most People Make When Juicing

Are you making this big mistake when Juicing? If you have tried juicing before and you're not feeling any difference and results, you might be making this big mistake..

What's the #1 Mistake Most People Make When Juicing?

Answer: They are Juicing a lot of fruits and little vegetables.

If you are using about 70%-100% fruits in your home made juice drinks, then you are going to miss a lot of health benefits and potentially you might even experience a sudden rush of sugar levels on your body.

Although fruits are natural, they are still packed with tons of sugar and calories. When you juice fruits, it will be a drink that is high in sugar and calories.

If you're diabetic, this could be a problem, as this will cause increased levels of sugar in your bloodstream.

If you are trying to lose weight by juicing fruits, good luck with that as well. Some fruits are packed with tons of calories.

To get the maximum results when Juicing, you need to use a lot of vegetables, particularly cruciferous vegetables.

These "dark green leafy vegetables" are packed with Phytonutrients, antioxidants and provides tons of other nutritional benefits.

I would always achieve at least 50% fruits and 50% vegetables in my drinks.

When you become accustomed to drinking more green juice, then increase the percentage of greens to about 60% veggies and 40% fruits. The best of course would be to juice 100% greens, but the taste might not be tolerable for most people.

During times where I want to lose more weight, I juice about 80% greens and 20% fruits.

I also add a lot of nuts and seeds like flax seeds.

Flax seeds have tons of anti-cancer properties and it gives your drink some crunch.

When creating your green drinks, try to use variation as well. Different fruits and vegetables have different phytonutrients and in order to get the most nutrition for your body, variation is key.

I usually choose Cruciferous vegetables as the base of all my concoctions. And then add my favorite fruits and seeds. I use a maximum of 2 fruits per green drink. This way, I'll be able to try different flavors and recipes that will keep my palate satisfied.

I've also noticed that my taste buds have gradually been conditioned to like eating more greens as the day goes by. I found myself putting in more greens in my drinks. Most of the time, I juice with 70-80% greens.

One tip that I've learned which helped me drink my green juice faster with less bitter taste is by using straw.

Yes, a simple straw can help you tremendously.

For some reason, I've noticed that I can easily drink my green juice by using straws. If you are finding drinking green juice challenging, you might want to try this simple solution.

Again, don't make the mistake of adding tons of fruits in your juice drinks. Even though they are fruits, it's still sugar and calories. Use more greens in your drinks and you'll feel better and feel more energized.

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