Top 3 Health Blogs You Should Be Reading Today Juicing Diet Works

Top 3 Health Blogs You Should Be Reading Today

We all have 'idols' that we look up to. Whether it's in basketball, sports, or life in general, you'll find yourself wanting to emulate someone or a group of people that you adore.

Living a healthier life is not an exception. I'm proud to share with you these top health blogs that I've followed, read, and learned from in the past few years. My sincere wish is that you'll be able to learn from them as much as you wanted. Enjoy!

  1. NutritionFacts - this is the Top Health Blog in my list. It's a nutrition blog ran by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. He's a world-renowed Physician, Author and professional speaker on the subject of nutrition research. You'll find informative videos and articles on his site like these:

You'll find tons of materials on various research about nutrition, be sure to browse over 1,500 health videos and ask the doctor (a Q & A with Dr. Greger) whenever you visit his site.

2. ZenHabits - this popular blog created by Leo Babauta has been one of the top personal development blogs in the world. With over a million readers, you'll find practical and actionable tips on his site. Among my top favorite topics and articles on his site:

I've spent a couple of hours reading his material. He's inspired me and thousands of other live a simpler and healthier lifestyle.

3. Nerdfitness - this innovative blog introduces "nerdness" and "rebellion" as their motto against "unhealthy lifetsyle habits". Definitely a site worth visiting. Here's are some of the topics I've really loved:

Even if you're not a "geek" or "nerd" you'll appreciate the amount of work that Steve put on his nerdfitness blog.

And that's it!

These are the 3 Top Health Blogs that you should be reading. Make sure you've visited these sites, and if you liked their content, subscribe to their newsletters.

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