One of the reasons I've started this blog is because I've wanted to be accountable to myself(sharing my struggles and success is a privilege for having this blog).

I've noticed from the emails that you've sent, that most of you have the same struggles that I'm currently having right now.

These includes:

  • I think I don't get enough fruits
  • I need to lose weight
  • Is juicing expensive?
  • How can I continue juicing?
  • How can I become motivated?
  • I want to have more energy
  • I want to be healthier

Thank you for everyone who have joined our mailing list and sent me their messages. I love you and I appreciate the time that you've spent on this blog.

After a few weeks of binging, and a hectic schedule, I started on a path of eating unhealthy foods again. I started with chips, then french fries, then go back again to some donuts and sweets….

(See I'm also human, and I'm not a super fitness “buff”. I'm struggling just like most people. But I'm determined as much as possible to understand why I can't keep up with juicing and what am I going to do about it?)

Congratulate yourself for taking the time to read this blog and learn more about juicing. Because that's a great start it answers the question. What am I going to do about it?

Most of the time I already knew what I had to do…

I knew I had to start exercising.

I knew I had to start eating the right foods.

I knew I had to start being more positive.

But, most of the time it's not what I do…


I got lazy.

I got busy.

I felt deprived of not eating my junk foods.

Weeks before going back on this vicious cycle, I've noticed being busy for several days. I was working more hours that I should (12-16 hours per day). I've becoming workaholic again.

Then that's when I started eating unhealthy again.

I would go to the grocery and instead of picking fruits and vegetables, I went to the ice cream section. Then the next time, I went to the chips section.

Sometimes I would even start eating the chips before I would even went home. After eating foods high in sugar, I'll be happy and full of energy after a few minutes (usually lasting 10-15 mins) then after that, I'll feel sleepy and have low in energy.

I knew I should avoid it, I knew I should eat healthy, I'm blogging about it, but I'm still doing what I'm not supposed to do…

The answer…

My emotional why was not bigger than my desire to be healthy.

I've forgotten, why I'm doing this.

I've forgotten my BIG Whys. I'd like to recap it again, now with more details…

1. Be Confident with How I look, walk, talk and act. I want to Feel life, experience life and Live my Life. I will do rock climbing, trekking, and I will speak on stage in front of a big audience.

2. Be able to Live longer and Healthier. If eating healthy and juicing can minimize my risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc, I will Juice to that. I will live up to a hundred if God permits.

3. Have More Energy to Play with my son and Spend with my Wife. I'll be my son's best friend and my wife's knight in shining armor.

4. Inspire others because of the transformations I’ve made in my life because of juicing and eating healthier. This blog will inspire thousands and change lives. Last August this site had almost 59,482 visitors. Thank you!

I've realized that I'm just human and that I can make the mistake of eating unhealthy foods again. But I'm quick to forgive myself and look at my big whys again.

These big whys are really big, and just by writing it and looking at it, I'm starting to give it a life. In fact, I'm starting a 5 Day Detox program as a starter (stay tuned for these updates)

Now back at you

If you are experiencing the same things that I did, ask yourself, why do I want to be healthy.

Why do I want to lose weight?

You may have a different reason than myself, but make it your BIG Why…

Read it, speak it and live it.

If you stumble like I did. Stand up again and forgive yourself. Then continue moving forward.

Your goals and aspirations are still in front of you…

To your success,