If you've wrestled, pleaded, cried, jumped, made faces just to get your kids (and yourself) to eat more vegetables and still failed, then try out these tips…

1. Cut them into beautiful shapes

My son loves them when I cut carrots into star shapes or smiley faces. They adore them and it make eating his carrots fun. Try it out and don't be surprised if your kids (and you) start munching them more.

2. Dip them in Peanut Butter

Obviously if you or your kid is allergic from Peanut butter, don't do this, choose a different dipping snack instead (jelly anyone?)

3. Decrease the size of your serving

Did you know that a study was made that by simply reducing the size of the veggies, it increased intake by as much as 25%. So yes, cut them smaller to get them to eat more veggies.

4. Add their favorite cartoon characters

As parents, this might seem too easy. But for your kids, it's another fun way to enjoy their veggies. In one study, kids were asked to choose between a broccoli and a chocolate bar. 4 out 5 of these kids choose the chocolate bar. But when they attached a sticker of Elmo, the kids were split. Half of them choose the broccoli with Elmo.

5. Try a video game!

Yes, researchers have tested using video game as a way to motivate kids to eat more vegetables. Why didn't they think of that when I was a kid?

6. Parents Should Eat Veggies First

I'm guilty of this before. I wanted my kids to eat more vegetables and greens, but if I'm not eating them, they would not eat them as well. Kids emulate their parents. So if my kids can see me eating (or drinking green juices) vegetables they'll most likely follow my lead.

And there you have it, several tips that can help your kids (and yourself) eat more vegetables. You can also try what I did, I turned these vegetables into a green smoothie or green juice!