Having someone that you can learn from and emulate is golden…

When I was a kid, I used to wanted to become my “idol”…

Not “American Idol” 🙂 – we didn't have those TV shows back then (Yes, I know I might be old, but I'm still young at heart)

Whatever my idol did, I try to learn from and emulate. I'd watch his techniques and skills, and try it as my own. Did I get the same results, nope. But it was a great start, I knew it had saved me a lot of valuable time on research and reading.

And with today's article, I'd like to share with you 5 Amazing Stories about Juicing (and going green) that has inspired me. Am I like them already? Getting there.  And hearing about their stories is a great start. Who knows, maybe I'll be hearing your inspiring story soon! 🙂

5 Wonderful and Success Stories on “Going Green”

  1. Pat Crocker – One of the biggest names today when it comes to books about juicing, smoothies, vegetarian recipes and healthy diest. The term “Culinary Herbalist” has been attributed to her because of her unique approach of growing, photographing, and cooking plant-based meals.She's the past president of Ontario herbalists' Association, Toronto Home Economics Association, and Ontario home economics association. She has currently written a lot of best-selling books including, the dummies book

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 2. Kris Carr – a multi-week New York Times best-selling author, speaker, health advocate and featured on the documentary show: Crazy Sexy Cancer. In this documentary video, she shares her struggle against cancer and how she is changing her life by drinking green juice and smoothies.My wife and I loves her latest books:

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3. Jay Kordich – Jay is known as the father of Juicing and has been featured over the years in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, Forbes, and many more. His story and journey is similar to many people who have embraced juicing and cleansing diets. When his health was restored after beginning juicing, his life was changed forever and he has dedicated his life's work in spreading the word.

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4. Drew Canole – known as the #1 Transformation Expert in America, Drew has helped thousands improve their bodies, minds and spirits.What I love about Drew Canole's books and programs is that he teaches you about motivation and mindset before he even starts talking about recipes.Why? Because he knows that without the right mindset and motivation, it's very difficult to achieve your weight loss goals.

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5. Joe Cross – and last but not the least, Joe Cross. I first stumbled about juicing (Read my story here) when I saw his documentary movie: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This movie was about his trip to America for 60 days on nothing but green juice.It's really an amazing story, make sure that you don't miss the story of the Truck driver in Joe's documentary as well.I was really inspired by his transformation, and it was also one of my motivations for starting this blog.

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There's probably “thousands of other success stories” out there that didn't receive any “celebrity status”, but with a little bit of digging you can find out more about these people who had been successful in achieving their goals.

One thing that really helped me with losing weight and gaining more energy is when I've realized that I was doing it all wrong…

To learn more what I was doing wrong, please stay tuned for tomorrow's email.

Talk soon…