Why Maintaining the pH Balance of the Body is IMPT


I would have only heard and paid attention to pH (potential Hydrogen) when I was in elementary (a few years ago). 

pH – an interesting acronym

Little did I know that this 2 letter acronym would play a big role in my journey to wellness.
When I was working as an Emergency room nurse back in the Philippines, we often get patients that have complications of Diabetes Mellitus (a chronic and life-long disorder). One of the complications that they have is metabolic acidosis.
Upon taking the blood sample of the patient, we determine the pH levels of their bloods and it would be in very acidic level.
And it's very dangerous, because our cells die and weaken in an acidic state. I remember the doctor ordering a medication that would immediately injected to the patient's bloodstream to help counteract the acidosis.

And what does this have to do with our diets?

Are you fond of drinking soda?
Coffee, Tea, or any carbonated drink?
Are you smoking? Do you drink alcohol?
All these things can contribute to making our bodies acidic. But our bodies are so remarkable that when it detects high levels of acid in our bloodstream, it releases calcium and minerals from our bones to counteract it.
This temporary solution made by our bodies can only last for so long.
Constant, repetitive and escalating pH imbalances can cause our bodies to release more calcium and minerals just to counteract the acid level. And this can lead to bone density problems (Osteoporosis) because our bones lack Calcium and other minerals.

Greens. Greens & More Greens.

Since vegetables and most fruits are alkaline-inducing foods, it makes sense to make it a huge part of our daily consumption. The problem with our traditional diet is that fruits and vegetables are not the main dishes served in the table.
Maybe the findings from this study, can help motivate you to eat & drink more vegetables.
1. More fruits and vegetables making an alkaline diet, can help improve the K/Na (Potassium/Sodium) ratio and this can be beneficial to those with hypertension and stroke.
2. There is a possibility that with an alkaline diet (lots of veggies), it's possible to improve cardiovascular health and cognition.
3. There's also an increased level in intracellular magnesium, which is very important to the body's enzyme systems.
4. For patients taking medications that raises the pH.
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