Interested in the Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning Everyday?
Drinking lemon water as part of your daily diet may sound like a new thing to some.
It has, in fact, been used for its health benefits since as far back as Roman civilization, and for good reason.
From hydrating to weight loss, it's a health elixir that costs very little to make but offers a full package of health benefits, and it adds a bit of zing to drinking ordinary water.

Is Lemon Water Good For You?

Before I answer that question let's quickly check the nutrition facts on lemons.

Nutritional information

One glass of lemon juice has under 25 calories.
It's a rich source of essential nutrients, such as potassium, Vitamin C, calcium and pectin fiber, as well as having trace amounts of Vitamin A and iron.
Lemons have antibacterial and medicinal properties.

18 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning

Immune, System

1. Boosts The Immune System

Lemons are packed full of Vitamin C, something we need to jump start and keep our immune system ticking along. When we become ill or stressed it affects our immunity because Vitamin C is one of the first things that drops, hence physicians recommending that we take an extra dose of a daily supplement to keep things in balance. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water is the perfect way to get that Vitamin C we need.

Lemon 1462517027

2. Great Source of Potassium

Lemons are also high in potassium, something our body uses to keep our heart healthy, our brain sharp and aids in the functioning of the nervous system.
It's also an important mineral that our body uses in tandem with sodium, allowing for smoother electrical transmissions between our nervous system and brain.

3. Purifying, Detoxifying and Regenerating

Drinking lemon water (cucumber and lemon water in the picture shown above) stimulates the liver, causing it to flush out more of the toxins that get into our body on a daily basis, so its beneficial to our body's enzyme functionality.
Vitamin C is also one of the most essential parts needed for cell regeneration. By giving our body a healthy and steady supply of Vitamin C we ensure ourselves healthier skin, stronger teeth and bones, better joints and better eyesight.
Our body is healing itself on a daily basis, mainly when we are asleep. However, there is nothing wrong with giving that regeneration process a bit of a boost with some lemon juice.

Urine 1462517349

4. Flushes the Urinary System

Because lemon water has mild diuretic properties, it can help keep our urinary system healthier.
This means you may use the bathroom more often, but it helps us to flush any unwanted elements out of our urinary tract.
We dispose of a lot of waste material through our urine to begin with, so this helps us to flush that liquid waste out of our system at a much faster rate, reducing the risks of any bacteria accumulating in our body.

Funny Healing 14625173925. Healing and Rejuvenating

As mentioned before, lemon juice works as a detoxifier. The antibacterial content in lemon water means more antioxidants in our body, which are known to fight free radicals that can cause damage to our skin and cells.
Drinking lemon water means more Vitamin C in our system to produce collagen, which is essential in keeping the skin smooth and wrinkle free.
A recent study that was done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that the regular consumption of Vitamin C can lead to skin that appears more youthful, glowing and with less wrinkles.
With just 100 grams of lemon juice you gain about 75% of the body's daily Vitamin C requirement.
Digestive 1462517446

6. Helps Our Digestive System

Lemon juice has an atomic structure that is very close to the stomach's digestive juices.
It works by making our liver produce more bile, something we need to keep the gastrointestinal tract running smoothly by continuously moving the food we eat through the body. Drinking lemon water can also help in relieving symptoms of indigestion or an upset stomach with its ability to balance the oxygen and calcium levels in the liver that can lead to heartburn.
Our body is encouraged, by the acids in lemon juice, to slow down the processing of the good nutrients our stomach is digesting, which can keep our insulin levels in balance and helps us get the most out of the foods we eat.
It allows us to absorb those much needed minerals at a higher rate. This also means we are less likely to feel bloated after eating.

Constipation 1462517478

7. Eases Constipation

The best remedy to fight constipation is water and lemon. Water works to lubricate the digestive tract and intestines, as well as softens the stool.
The citric acid in lemon juice works to induce our bowels to move, flushing out any waste in the colon that is undigested. Its a staple remedy for many IBS sufferers.

Weight Loss 1462517524

8. Weight Loss

Many people who are trying to lose weight have turned to sipping warm lemon water as part of their routine.
Lemons contain a fiber called pectin, which is found in a number of fruits. Pectin works by making the body feel full for a longer period of time.
When our appetites are feeling satisfied we tend not to eat as much or snack in between meals.

Drinking 14625176169. Hydration

Even mild dehydration can make us feel tired, in a bad mood and cause headaches.
Drinking lemon water greatly improves our #hydration levels and eliminates those symptoms. This is because fresh lemon juice is packed with natural electrolytes that help replenish the mineral supply our bodies lose throughout the day. It also seems to quench your thirst better than a plain old glass of water.
Many use sports drinks after a workout to re-hydrate themselves and replace lost electrolytes, but its been found that drinking lemon water works just as well, if not better.

Energy Boost 1462517662

10. Energy and Mood Boost

Having a glass of lemon water in the morning can boost our energy levels better than that cup of coffee, and there is no caffeine crash afterwards. We get our energy from the molecules and atoms that are in our food. Lemons allow negative charged ions to enter our digestive tract and this results in a natural boost to our levels of energy.
As for our mood, lemon has been found to have a scent that effectively lowers our stress levels and raises our mood.
If you are looking to cut caffeine out of your routine, replacing it with lemon water is the way to go.

Sleeping 1462517742

11. Flushing Naturally

It's during our sleeping hours that our body does the majority of its regenerating and restoring.
It's also the time when our liver is hard at work. By making sure we drink enough water throughout the day, more so in the morning, we ensure that our body can effectively perform these needed tasks.
Some evidence has been found that lemon juice stimulates bile and stomach acid production.

Viral 146251790412. Fighting Off Viral and Respiratory Infections

Because of the boost lemon juice gives the immune system, drinking warm lemon water is a very effective way to lower viral infections.
The boost to the immunity levels helps to fight off the infection completely.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, lemon water can help fight tonsil inflammation, sore throats and more.

Depression 146251794913. Alleviates Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

The high potassium content found in lemons has been known to help with depression and anxiety.
Both of these ailments have often been linked to a person having less potassium in their system than needed.

Freshness 146251803714. Freshens Breath

A lot of people suffer with bad breath, whether due to digestive issues or poor hygienic health. It can be embarrassing and affect people adversely in social situations. However, lemon juice is an effective and natural disinfectant.
Having a glass of lemon juice in the morning, rather than a cup of coffee or tea that can lead to bath breath.
Drinking room temperature lemon water is highly recommended.
Asthma 1462518083

15. Asthma Remedy

A wide array of home remedy lists for asthma has lemon water as one of the top natural treatments for asthma sufferers.
This is because of the rich content level of Vitamin C found in lemons. Vitamin C is a known antioxidant that battles free radicals.
Free radicals can cause symptoms of asthma, such as airway construction and smooth muscle contractions. It also works to clear any mucus buildup from the airways.

Lemon Water 1462518265

Its Not Just About The Water
There are a number of natural uses for lemons, aside from making lemon water:

16. Natural Deodorizer

You can use lemons in the kitchen as a natural way to deodorize it.
For example, adding 1 cup of lemon juice to a dish washing rinse cycle will help get rid of any lingering odors and disinfect the machine. Plus, the kitchen will have a nice a fresh smell too.
Adding some fresh lemon peel, cloves and cinnamon sticks to some simmering water on the stove top will also give the room a nice smell.
You can even add this to a spray bottle and use it as a room mister.

17. Beauty Regime

You can regularly use lemon essential oil in your beauty regime.
A mix of baking soda, coconut oil and lemon essential oil can be rubbed on your teeth as a tooth whitener.
Or you can mix lemon oil, honey and baking soda as a natural face wash.

18. Tarnish Remover

A cloth soaked in lemon oil can be used to quickly remove tarnish from silver utensils, plates and jewelry.

Lemon Water 1462519479

What Lemon Water Will Not Do

With all of its health benefits there are still some misconceptions about what drinking lemon water can do for you.
While its highly beneficial to drink plenty of water and add that boost of Vitamin C to your diet, it isn't a magical cure all. Research has been done, however some of the beneficial claims do not have backing from the scientific sector.
Another theory that drinking lemon water balances the pH levels of the blood. While there is some truth in the theory that certain types of food will leave an alkaline or acidic ash in the body, this only affects the urine's pH levels and not the blood.In order for the body to naturally eliminate any cellular waste it is essential to drink plenty of water.
In some cases, where claims have been made that lemon water has an extraordinary ability to flush out toxins, it isn't actually defined what these toxins are and how the process works, leading to some overblown claims.In a majority of the reports that claim lemon water can alkalize the body, there also seems to be mention that it can prevent cancer as a result of it creating an environment where cancerous cells cannot thrive.
This isn't entirely factual, but studies have shown that there is some basis in the use of lemons for treating cancer.
One more rumor is that drinking lemon water will increase your IQ. Consuming lemon water can aid in mental focus and alertness, but there is no evidence that, over a longer term, it can raise one's IQ level.

Lemon Through The Ages

The use of lemon water has a long history behind it.
It is a native plant to Indochina and India. The first mention of its use dates back to I century Roman times. Up until around the 10thcentury, lemon trees were mostly used to decorate. During the 11thcentury Crusades, lemon plants were brought to Europe Descriptions of lemons also appear in 12th century Indian wrights.
It wasn't until the 1400's however, that lemons were introduced in the new world. Lemons, along with other fruits that were high in Vitamin C, were treasured because they had the ability to prevent scurvy.
Presently, lemons are mainly produced in the USA, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Greece.

Tips and Tricks

You've seen many of the benefits and uses of lemons. Now let's take a look at some helpful tips and tricks for buying, storing and using lemons.
In the U.S. you will find 3 main varieties of lemons; Eureka, Lisbon and Meyer

  • Eureka – these are tart and sour and have a skin that is textured and fewer seeds.
  • Lisbon – these are sour and tart, have a skin that is much smoother and no seeds.
  • Meyer – this variety is becoming more popular die to its sweeter taste. They are part of the same family tree as mandarin oranges, which gives them a color that is much deeper than your traditional lemon.

Lemons 1462519520

How to pick and buy lemons

  • Look for those that are fully yellow in color and of an organic variety.
  • Lemons that still look greenish are not yet ripe.
  • Lemons with a thinner peel tend to be juicier.
  • Stay away from any that are overly hard, dull looking or wrinkled.

The best way to store your lemons is to do so in a sealed plastic bag. This will keep your lemons fresher for longer, as opposed to setting them out at room temperature.

How to Make Lemon Water

An easy way to prepare lemon water is to juice a few lemons, add the juice to an ice cube tray and then freeze them.
All you need to do is pop a couple of the cubes into your glass of water and you have fresh lemon water in under a minute. Its best to add the cubes to hot water. If you are adding just squeezed lemon juice to water, make sure the water is warm or at least at room temperature.

Delicious Lemon Water Recipes

You can start off with half of the juice of one lemon (or a quarter for beginners). 
Add a teaspoon of organic raw honey as a sweetener and mix it with lemon water for a refreshing drink in the morning. 
Some people would want to try adding some cinnamon or himalayan salts for flavour.
While anytime you drink lemon water you will be gaining its benefits, sipping lemon water first thing in the morning can get your day going.
Drink one glass about 30 minutes before you eat your breakfast. This will help your digestive system and body absorb those nutrients more efficiently.
One concern is that the acid in lemon juice can erode tooth enamel. However, you would have to drink an extremely large amount of lemon water for that to occur.
You can rinse your mouth with plain water after you drink lemon water though to rinse any excess acid away.
Limes also have the same benefits that lemons have and can be used on their own or with lemon juice. During cholera epidemics in a few West African Villages, lime juice was used for the day's main meal and it was found to be helpful in protecting others against contracting the ailment.

With all of the benefits that lemon water can give you its well worth giving it a try for a few weeks for yourself. You should start noticing a difference in a week or so after drinking lemon water in the morning every single day.

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