It was Thomas Alva Edison (one of my favorite inventors) who said this famous quote:

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”

And this quote is true and has a profound effect in how I believe will improve our health.

If you've ever tried to lose weight (and failed), or  tried eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables (and failed), you're not alone…

I was just reading more about the motivational triad, and it's how we are “wired” into seeking the easiest route to the highest possible gains.

And in this case, energy through calories. I'll talk more about this in my next post, but today I'd like to talk about how you can help improve your health by doing these simple and easy to follow food swaps.

The rule is simple. Instead of doing these, try doing the suggestions and tips instead. Ready?

1. Avoid Dairy Milk – Dairy milk has been linked with cancer (some studies shows that it has been related to as much as 30-60% increased risk for prostate cancer).

Scientists are looking at the protein casein which could be causing these problems.

Tons of people are also lactose-intolerant and allergic to cow's milk causing complications, digestive problems and a lot of other problems.

Still want your milk? Why not try nut milks instead? You can easily create them using a reusable nut milk bag, which you can get here.

2. Juice and Blend Fruits/Vegetables if you can't Eat Them Whole – the truth is that our modern palate has not been accustomed to fruits and vegetables.

Kids don't want them, even adults (like me before) won't touch vegetables for a mile!

But there's no other food group on this planet that are nutrient dense as much as fruits and vegetables. I care more for my health than for the taste.

I've also found out that by juicing and blending them, it's easier for me to consume the same amount of produce when compared to eating a full plate. It will only take me a few minutes to consume my drinks compared to probably an hour of trying to eat a plate full of green vegetables.

3. Cook at home instead of going out for lunch or dinner – We can sometimes (ok, most of the time) get lazy and it's easier to just ask the family to go out for diner.

And usually it's a lunch or dinner on your good old American diner or fast food joint. Not only is this practice more expensive, it also contributes to the adipose tissue deposits in your body.

4. Go to your local farmer's market than going to the Big Superstores – If you like the best possible produce with the least contamination and human intervention, then you're best bet is to go local and directly to your farmer. If you have a vegetable garden much better.

5. Bake instead of Frying – If you have an oven, it's best to bake your food than fry them.

Frying with oil (even vegetable oil) can lead to over consumption of Omega 6's which is not good for your body. Aside from the fact that oil can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Ditch Energy Drinks and Try Green Juice instead – Commercial energy drinks are laden with preservatives, chemicals and tons of caffeine and sugar that you wouldn't want to be in your body.

Try an all natural green juice (with more vegetables than fruits) drink and feel the rush of nutrients flowing in your bloodstream for a quick boost of energy (usually within a few minutes of drinking them).

7. Cream Cheese and Butter? – Try Avocado, Sea Salt and Tomato instead! – Most sandwich spreads that are commercially made are full of preservatives, calories and sugar.

Choose healthier snack alternatives like a combination of Avocado, Sea Salt, and Tomato.

Spread it over your bread and enjoy a healthier snack than that cream cheese and butter.

8. Prepare Lunch For Work, than eating out – I'm pretty sure that you'll be able to control what you can put in your lunch rather than choosing what's available when you eat out. By packing and preparing your own lunch, you can choose healthier options for yourself.

9. Quinoa instead of Rice – I've never even heard of Quinoa before, but when I've tasted it, it was good. I've found my alternative to white rice (which is one of the worst foods that makes me fat and feel bloated, but I still love it). Since I'm a heavy starch-eater, I was glad to be able to use quinoa instead of rice.

What's causing you to eat unhealthy right now? Is it the chocolate bar that you are eating daily? Try nut bars instead. Or is it potato chips? Try kale chips!

The truth is that there's an enormous resource and tips on how you can make it easier to choose healthier food choices than what are the current options right now.If you have other “food swap” ideas let me know in the comments below!