Guide To Buying a Blender

There's probably dozens of blenders in the market today and that makes it harder for the average consumer to choose. We've created this guide to help you overcome that challenge.

You can find blenders as low as $15 and as much as $750.

While generally speaking, the higherend blender that are more expensive will yield smoother smoothies and last longer, it's not the case every single time.

There are personal and budget blenders that have exceeded our expectations considering the cost we've paid for these personal countertop blenders.

You can use this blender buying guide to help you find and compare different models and brands at a budget you can afford.


High Performance Blenders

The top of the line when it comes to blenders.

These high-powered blenders usually have a 1000+ watts motor that's powerful enough to make soup, silky-smooth smoothies and some can even make ice cream.

Of course, they are the most expensive type of blenders.

Brands recommended:​

Conventional Blenders

This type of blender is the traditional type mostly available for people before the other types of blenders came available in the market. They are less expensive, but it won't create silky-smooth smoothies and forget the hot soup as well.

Brands recommended:​

Personal Countertop Blenders

This is my favorite type of blender. It's so easy to use, clean and does the job well. It's perfect for those who wants to adapt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate more green smoothies into their system.

Because it's affordable and is very easy to use, I recommend this as the first type of blender you'll buy. You'll enjoy creating your green smoothies even if you're very busy. It can be easy for anyone to make it a part of their daily habit.

Brands recommended:​

Immersion or Hand Held Blenders

The immersion type or hand-held blender is more of a complement rather than a replacement type of blender.

It's small, portable, quick and easy to use.

Brands recommended:​



STEP 1: Start with a Personal Blender

If you're just starting out and choosing your first blender, choose a personal countertop blender like the Nutribullet or the Nutri Ninja. It's perfect for creating delicious green smoothies without blowing your budget.


STEP 2: Upgrade (Optional)

Once you start making it a daily habit and consuming more than 3-4 glass of smoothies per day, it might make more sense to upgrade to the more expensive High-performance blenders like the Vitamix and the Blendtec. With their 7-8 year warranty, the durability of these products will only cost you a few dollars each year.


STEP 3: Use It

Buying a blender is just the first step in your journey, you actually have to use it if you want to enjoy the benefits of more fruits and veggies.

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