Are you making this big mistake when creating your green drinks?

The Biggest Mistake when creating Green Smoothies

Maybe you've tried creating your own green smoothie drinks or maybe you're still on the fence on creating one.

But whatever your situation is, I'd like to share something really important when creating your green “smoothies”.

And that mistake is using a lot of fruits instead of using lots of vegetables. Some even add “sugar” to sweeten their drinks, big mistake…

I know that the taste of “green smoothies” might not be palatable and definitely tastes differently when drinking “soda” but as time goes by, I've noticed that my taste buds adjusted to it after a weeks of zipping “green drinks” (If you still can't stand the bitter taste of greens, try drinking it with a straw, it helps!).

A lot of people add sugar to “sweeten” their green drinks, but sugar is processed food that can also “spike” up your sugar levels.

If you really wanted to “sweeten” up your drinks, you can try adding more fruits (but not more than 50% of the recipe) or you can use agave, a natural sweetener that you can get online or at your local grocery store.

Here's a quick summary of tips when creating your Green DrinksImg 0547 E1376463962740

  1. Always use fresh fruits and vegetables. – Make sure that the leaves of the vegetables are not wilted and has no blemishes. Then you'll know that you've bought fresh.
  2. Buy organic whenever you can – Organic produce are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Even best is to plant and cultivate your own produce.
  3. Go to a local farmer's market instead of the grocery store – Going to your local farmer's market supports the local economy and you'll also get the freshest produce from farm to home.
  4. Use at least 50% vegetables when creating your drinks and max 50% fruits on your recipes. I'll share more “green smoothie recipes” on our site.
  5. Consume your green smoothie drinks as soon as possible. – The Enzymes, vitamins and minerals deteriorate after several hours of creating your smoothie drinks. Oxidation can also cause your drink to rot and expire quick so make sure you drink your green smoothies as soon as you make them.
  6. If you need to consume your green smoothie drinks later (as snack or lunch at work), use a vacuum sealed container bottle and fill it to the brim (removes air in container). Put it in the freeze/chiller and thaw it before drinking.
  7. Use a straw to make drinking your “green smoothies” a lot easier 🙂
  8. Try different combinations of fruits and vegetables. I love spinach, Kale, collard Greens, and Zucchini and I use them as base vegetables for most of my drinks. For fruits, I love bananas, apples and pears.

Creating your green smoothie drinks should not be difficult and hard to do. Here's what I use (the Nutribullet) to create my “green smoothies”. I also have the “Total Blendtec Blender”(read my complete review here), and I use it if I want to create smoother green smoothie drinks (it's more powerful than the Nutribullet

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