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Can Green Smoothies Help You Lose Weight? 3 EASY Ways…

Have you been trying to lose weight for quite some time but are still struggling?
You're not alone. 
Millions have tried pills, diet, fads but failed miserably.

But today, you'll discover 3 easy ways to lose weight without starving yourself...​

Plus, you'll also discover why it's NOT YOUR FAULT if you've had difficulty losing weight before...

You'll see what I mean in just a short while...

ATTN: Are you serious in losing weight and improving your health? Then please pay attention to this article and close ALL distractions like Facebook, etc.

I want to give you something that's relatively easy to do. It doesn't get any easier than this.

And for the first strategy on how to lose weight "without"dieting...

Strategy #1 - Drink lots of water

Water is essential for life. Without water, we humans can only survive for a few days. 

As our bodies are mostly comprised of 55-75% of water, it is crucial for our well being, homeostasis and survival. Our cells and body won't be able to function properly if we're dehydrated.

You'll know that you have mild to moderate dehydration if you have a few of these symptoms: dry mouth, dry skin, feeling tired, constipated, and have muscle cramps.

Meanwhile, you'll know that you're experiencing severe dehydration if you have sunken eyes, severe thirst, have low heart beat, pulse, and blood pressure. Disorientation and unconsciousness can be life-threatening symptoms of severe dehydration.

When you drink lots of water, you won't just feel satiated faster, you'll also enjoy tons of benefits for your body.

Benefits of Drinking Water as backed by Scientific Research and Data

1. Drinking water could ACTUALLY help you lose weight

A lot of people tend to ignore this strategy because it's too easy. In fact, it's too easy that we often forget to do it.

But here's more motivation on why it's a great idea to drink more water daily. Water can help make you feel satiated faster, thus preventing you from eating more. Also, it won't be the first time that people mistake being thirsty for being hungry.​

There's also some research that shows water can help boost metabolism. Because of this, I make sure that I drink at least 6-8 glasses of water each day. Every morning when I wake up, I make sure that before I grab any food to eat, I always drink to a full glass of water. 

2. Water aids our digestive system

The digestive system plays an important role in digesting, absorbing and nourishing our bodies from the foods that we eat. Our digestive system comprises a lot of organs including our small and large intestines. And in order for these organs to function properly, it needs an adequate supply of water. 

Being dehydrated means that the small and large intestines would try to compensate for this imbalance. It will do this by removing "water" from stools which can eventually lead to constipation and poor digestion.

3. Water helps with our exercise and physical performance

We all know that exercise has tons of benefits for our health and well-being. And water helps maximize our output and performance especially in intense workouts. Because our muscles are about 80% water, it's important to stay hydrated when doing any intense activity to help us perform at our best peak.

Strategy #2 - Eliminate Refined Sugar

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average North American consumes about 150-170 lbs of sugar every year.

And the leading source of these added sugar is from Soda drinks which contains a lot of sugar.

Sugar ruins our teeth by providing the bad bacteria in our mouth with a quick source of energy, it can overload the liver with fructose which can lead to a Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

And there are already numerous scientific studies and research that shows sugar consumption is correlated with insulin resistance (which can lead to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus).

Sugar can also be related to a higher risk of getting cancer, as shown herehere, and here.

And here's the biggest reason why you should eliminate "refined sugar" in your diet if you are planning to lose weight. For many years, we've taught that saturated fat is the reason for high bad cholesterol levels. In fact, there are new studies that shows saturated fat is quite harmless.

But there are growing studies and evidences that SUGAR and not fat are the leading causes of heart disease and other metabolic diseases because of the harmful effects of fructose in our metabolism.​

But you're probably wondering? 

Are there an alternatives to "refined sugar"?​

Fortunately there is. Sugar from it's most natural sources: from fruits, honey, stevia and agave.

Strategy #3 - Have a Weight Loss Plan

You won't be building a house without a blueprint or a building plan right?

You shouldn't try to lose weight without a plan as well.

Or else, as you've probably tried before, it would be doomed to fail. ​

Have you always wanted to feel more confident and feel better? Do you try to hold your stomach in order to fit those pants? Do you want those love handles to be completely gone? ​Do you want fall in love with healthy eating?

The truth is that you need to eliminate the bad stuff (the biggest one is sugar and I've just mentioned the reasons for it) and get more of the good stuff. Start with drinking lots of water daily.

And get the right amount of food and nutrition to your body. You need to get it from nature's gifts: Fruits and vegetables. And instead of eating them (which can be quite challenging), DRINK THEM.

But you probably know that which is why you are here.

Having a list of RECIPES to try is the very first step. And I've already sent you my best recipes to your email inbox.

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