We might not know it, but our liver does an amazing job in getting the deadly toxins out of our body.

So the best way to Detox is to actually boost your Liver's capability to secrete Detoxifying Enzymes.

The Most Potent Natural compound that can boost Liver's detoxifying ability is Sulforaphane.

It's currently the most potent natural phase 2 enzyme inducer known to man.

And the most abundant vegetable source of Sulforaphane is Brocolli.

Yes, those Dark leafy vegetables and brocolli sprouts.

But when researchers check Brocolli, they've noticed that Sulforaphane is not present, until…

Until you actually chew it, or bite it.

Brocolli has a special defense mechanism that when it's “chewed” by an herbivore, it would take like “brocolli”. And that's when it releases the Sulforaphane enzyme.

This is interesting because we are actually blending or juicing brocolli which will help release more of these “sulforaphane enzymes”.

Take not however that there are toxic levels of Sulforaphane and eating too much Brocolli per day is also not considered safe. According to some medical research, eating four cups of brocolli sprouts each day may exceed the safe dose of Sulforaphane.

Improve your Gut or Enteric Bacterial Flora with Good Bacteria or Probiotics

Our body can excrete the toxins in our body through the skin, urine, and bowel movement. And the best way to detox is help our body release them via these channels.

Did you know that our Gastrointestinal system has more exposure to our environment than our skin? So why is it important? Because recent study shows that Probiotics or Good bacteria plays a significant role not only in our enteric health but also our Mental health.

When consuming Probiotic supplements, it's best to consume them 30 minutes before each meal or during some meal with a little bit of fat content.

I'll be creating an interesting health article about the recent medical breakthrough on the relation of Probiotics to our Mental health, stay tuned for that.

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