It's important to understand the importance of doing a cleanse or juicing detox especially if it's your first time. This enables your body to adjust properly and handle the changes in your nutritional intake.

Science shows that our liver does most of the "detoxifying" in our body, but there's definitely a lot of things that we can do to supplement this process.

In this article, I'd like to share some tips, recipes and plans on how I started with Juicing....

The 7 Day Juicing Detox Plan

The purpose of this detox plan is to eliminate toxins and waste products from your body by just drinking juice in the next 7 days. This was inspired by the movie: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross (if you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend checking it out).

Most people will probably have no problem starting a Juicing Detox plan, but if you're under any prescription medication or under a strict diet plan from your healthcare provider, you MUST get approval from your healthcare provider before you continue.

PREPARATION (a day before the start of the Juicing Detox)

I believe that preparation is key to successfully completing the 7 day program. If you have not prepared or have not expected the outcome, trials and challenges, this can cause a great deal of stress when doing the detox plan.

Make sure that your mind, body, and environment (including your family members and loved ones) are prepared that you are undergoing this detox plan.

I wrote down my top reasons and motivations for doing juicing. It's important for me that I'm clearly doing this for myself and that no one is forcing me to do it. This is critical for me, because I knew that my preconditioned habits (of eating unhealthy foods) will not surrender without a fight.

Which is also why I started blogging about my juicing journey. By being publicly accountable, and sharing what I have learned, where I have failed and how I have succeeded, I knew that this could help me become motivated to accomplish my goals.

The night before I started my "official Juicing Detox", I have already prepared my equipments (including the juicer, vacuum sealed flasks, chopping board, and recipe books).

I can say that I was extremely prepared (and excited) to get started with Juicing...

DAY 1 - Set your eyes on the prize

I woke up early and got my freshly bought produce (fruits and vegetables) from the fridge. I brought them to the sink to be washed thoroughly.

After adding all the ingredients in the juicer (recipes below), I turned on the machine and within a few seconds, I have now created my very first "Green smoothie", although this is far from perfect, I was really very excited about this. I'd say it actually looked delicious.

And now, for the ultimate test!

It's time to drink my homemade "green smoothie"...

I was able to gulp one full glass of these power-packed drinks and it actually tasted good. Day 1, was really not bad, I''m more excite on how much pounds would I be losing in the next 7 days.

Weight check - 182 lbs

DAY 2 - Break the barrier

After reading several books on weight loss, diet programs, it seems that victory over weight loss and dietary changes are won even before you start exercising or eating healthy. It starts with a mental victory, I should picture myself losing weight rather than being defeated of my weight loss goals.

I turned into meditation, prayer and focus as "weapons" for achieving my goals. For someone like me who has spent many years (almost 30 years) of my life eating unhealthy, processed foods, this is probably one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced.

That's why by the 2nd day, I know my mind would wrestle with the thought of not completing this "detox plan". I've read that I'll be experiencing "cravings" and "headaches".

The "cravings" are definitely there, especially when your friends and family members "dine out". But fortunately, I stood my ground. I'd still go with my family's dine-outs but with my "juice" in hand.

I've also limited my coffee drinks to a few sips of tea. I want my body to really "rest" and eat only fruits and vegetables in the next few days.

This is a challenge that is definitely not for everyone, but for those who can, I'd like to invite you to take the challenge and focus on your big motivation or the big "why" you're doing it. Focusing on why I'm doing this, as opposed to what I've comfortably eaten in the past few years, have helped me overcome my "barrier"...

Day 3 - Arrgh!

By the 3rd day, I've experienced headaches and a little bit of stress. After reading what might be going on inside me, I've realized that my body was probably "releasing" all the toxins inside my bloodstream, causing these different symptoms of detoxification. I know that my liver is working hard to "eliminate" these toxins that I've accumulated for many years.

According to research, Broccoli is one of the vegetables that contains sulforophane which boosts the liver's detoxifying enzymes, so I added them to my juicing recipes as well.

For some people, they might have no headaches, mood swings, etc but that doesn't mean your body is detoxifying. But if you experience excessive nausea, headache or allergic reactions, stop juicing immediately and visit your healthcare practitioner.

These instances are rare, but sometimes people can be allergic to certain fruits and vegetables, and they won't know it until they've experienced eating it.

Day 4 - 6 - Just keep drinking!

After the 3rd day, I've noticed that I've already learned how to deal with my cravings and there's a remarkably a big difference in my energy levels. This is what I call momentum! During the 4th - the last few days of my juicing detox, I felt really great.

I've also tried different fruits and vegetables to suite my taste.

One of my top favorites right now is zucchini and tomatoes. They're really great as a base when creating your drinks.

For some people, adding cayenne pepper or ginger can help give you a 'kick' on your drinks.

Day 7 - Congratulations!

On the 7th day, I felt a great sense of accomplishment, as I've only drank juice and my green smoothies in the last few days. It was challenging but also fulfilling at the same time.

The first 3 days are the hardest, especially that my taste buds are adjusting from eating sweets and meat. But by the 4th day, I felt I had more energy and I felt great overall. This was enough motivation for me to keep going.

I've also felt an uplift on my mood levels. I felt happier and more alive! And because of this changes, I was able to exercise at least a few minutes each day (something that I've never really done before). I knew I should exercise before, but I just felt sluggish. But after spending a few days detoxing, I felt I had the energy that I needed to get started.

It was a simple  breath in exercises first, then jogging in place, and a few lifting exercises. I have never felt better in all these years.Since then, I've incorporated a juicing or smoothie drink in my everyday meal. I've also cut down on my consumption of meat and sweets.

 I was really glad that I've done this 7 Day juicing Detox Plan...

Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz

After suffering gout for years, I've chosen to reduce meat and other foods that can aggravate my condition. I've discovered and fell in-love with plant-based whole foods. What's one of the best ways to consume them? Drink them up by Juicing and Blending!