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Blendtec VS Vitamix – Which Blender Won?

Which Blender Won?

Here’s another detailed, interesting and a long article on Which Blender Won?

A lot of people are asking me (based on emails from subscribers), what is the best Blender to buy?

Because there are too many options out there, I’ve taken the time to review the Best blenders for 2013-2014 and help you decide which blender is the best for you and your family.

I’ll make this article easy to read, by answering the top questions that I’ve received regarding this hot topic.

If you would like to ask a question that was not answered here, feel free to send me that question and I’ll update this section as soon as possible.

So let’s start with the first question regarding this comparison review

Do I still need a Blender?

I already have a juicer and the typical “kitchen blender”

It depends...

If you already have a machine like the “Nutribullet”, you might not need a new blender. Juicers and Blenders are different machines because when you use a juicer, you throw away the fiber and just extract the “juice”, while in blending you actually include the fiber in your drinks.

I recommend having both types of machines because there are just some fruits and vegetables that are best for juicing or blending.

An example would be a banana. You can’t juice a banana because it's soft, but it’s perfect for blending.

Unfortunately, if you have the typical “kitchen blender” it will not do the same job as a “blender for drinking greens”. The drinks made with these typical kitchen blenders will just be too “chunky” making drinking greens difficult.

So Which Blender should I buy?

Before I answer that question, I’d like to compare the top 2 “high quality blenders” for 2013.

Comparative Review: Blendtec VS Vitamix

I’ll compare these 2 blenders side by side. I’ll begin with a first impression, look, features, advantages and disadvantages of each.

So let's get started with my first impression about these Blenders...

I don’t know about you, but looks are important for me. These blenders are not cheap (They cost as much as $500 for some models, but you can get up to 25% by clicking here).

So I want something that would look elegant, and give my kitchen countertop a sense of pride.

I want it to be a part of my kitchen where it could be a conversation starter and I could also help influence my family and friends into healthy living. This is important for me, because I believe that good health is real wealth.

They both look great on my kitchen countertop (looks elegant because it's a high quality machine). It's a little bit heavy because of the material's used (metal to metal), but a significant difference on how it looks is the size of the Jar.

The Jars in Blendtec blenders are wider while the Vitamix blenders are narrower. And this is important in getting your ingredients mixed properly. The bigger mouth and wider jar, the easier it is to blend ingredients properly.

In my opinion, I like the Blendtec Blender better because it has a wider jar. But the Vitamix blender has a tamper tool which you can use to mix ingredients, so it's also a good alternative.

How about the Features of each Blender?

Both blenders have wonderful settings on what you'd like to create. These allows you to create different recipes. I made my ice cream in 90 seconds, and my smoothie in 30 secs.

In terms of cover, I like the cover of the Blendtec blender better because it's easier to remove, clean and store.

How about the Price?

Depending on the Model, Both brands of blenders are around $300 - $600, so you're looking at the same price point.

But I've compared the Blendtec Total Blender with Wildside Jar ($399+ here) and the Vitamix 5200 series ($449+ here). So in terms of budget, the Blendtec Total Blender is more economical for me.

How about the Warranty of these Blenders?

Because of the price of these blenders, we should expect a long warranty, and yes they do have that. The Vitamix Blenders have a 7 year warranty while the Blendtec Total Blender has an 8 year warranty. That's 1 year more warranty than the Vitamix blenders.

Take note that this warranty doesn’t include discoloration of the wildside jars, and other aesthetic appearance of the blendtec blender. It’s totally understandable because it’s just the normal wear and tear of equipment if you will use them often.

Which Blender did I choose?

Hands down it was the Blendtec blender.

In all aspects, it was the Blendtec blender that matched my kitchen countertop perfectly, the price was just right (you can even get free shipping and up to 30% discount here), it’s very easy to clean, and I can quickly create soups, dips, blends, butter, and more!

Should I buy a Blendtec refurbished model?

I wouldn’t recommend it, and here's why...

Buying a Blendtec Refurbished model might be able to save you a few hundred dollars, but buying a new one isn’t really expensive.

When you compute how much it costs daily (for an 8 year warranty), it would only cost you $0.32 per day (you can even get up to 30% discount when you get it here, this is where I bought mine).

If you are not going to use the Blendtec Blender most of the time and you think that it’s just a big investment for now, then I’d recommend that you check out the “Nutribullet”.

It’s not as powerful as the Blendtec blender, but it’s another "blender" that I use daily.

Where to Buy Blendtec Blenders?

The Blendtec blenders can be bought at most major kitchen appliance stores,but I bought mine online at Amazon (Amazon is the world’s leader in online retail)

I was able to get as much as 30% discount when I bought my blendtec blender here (discounts may change).


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Blendtec Blenders

Can blendtec make hot soup? - Yes, and quickly too!

Is blendtec worth it - If you are going to use it at least once or twice a week, then it was worth it for me. If only once a month, then it might be too expensive for now.

Is the blendtec dishwasher safe? - All the electrical parts, motor and power base should never be used in a Dishwasher.

Are blendtec blenders really that great? - Yes. They even created a youtube channel called “will it blend” which shows how powerful a Blendtec Blender really is.

Can blendtec grind coffee beans - Yes, no problem grinding coffee beans

Can blendtec juice? - Blendtec can blend produce (fruits and vegetables) so well that the consistency of drinks made is really smooth. If you really want to remove the fiber (which is impossible if you are blending), then you’ll need a nut milk sack to strain the fiber from the drink.

How to clean blendtec blender?
I usually just clean it with a damp cloth (with soap) and wipe the blender for spills and dirt. NEVER soak the power base in water.
how to program blendtec

How to use blendtec settings?

The best blendtec blenders are programmed already. Just turn the on button, then choose the appropriate setting for what you want to make. Is it ice cream? Soup? etc

Is Blendtec made in USA?

Blendtec is designed and assembled in USA. But not all parts are manufactured in USA.
why is blendtec so expensive

Expensive is relative. If you are going to use Blendtec most of the time, you’ll be saving money because it’s durable, backed with an 8 year warranty (that’s 8 years of peace of mind). Just imagine buying a $100 blender every year, which would easily cost you about $800.

If you’re not going to use blendtec at least once a week, then it would just be another equipment collecting dust in your kitchen counter.

When starting out and just trying out juicing, then you can start with the Nutribullet. It’s small, convenient, does the job and is usually less than $100.

Are blendtec blenders worth the money?
Yes, definitely. - Are blented blenders BPA free -Yes, all the jar and parts are BPA Free

Are blendtec blenders sharp?
Nope, which is actually a good thing since you won’t get hurt if you try to hand wash the jar.

Hope you liked this Blendtec VS Vitamix Review. You can check out the best online deals for Blendtec here and if you like to try out the Vitamix, you can also check it out here. (You may able to get free shipping and up to 30% discount on these links)

Bestseller No. 1
Blendtec Classic 575 Blender - WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) and Spoonula Spatula BUNDLE - Professional-Grade Power - Self-Cleaning - 4 Pre-programmed Cycles - 5-Speeds - Black
  • Easy blending cycles 1-touch buttons 4 pre-programmed cycles pulse and 5 speed manual control with the ability to achieve a variety of textures Complete control to adjust your blending at any time while blending Lcd display shows blending cycle time remaining
  • No chopping prep save time and never a need to chop slice or dice in advance of blending
  • Patented blade/80% thicker stainless-steel forged blade with wings for amazingly smooth blends (10x stronger than other blender blades) note Blade is not sharp blade is dull No more cuts and pokes
  • Self-cleaning add a little soap and water your jar can clean itself in less than 1 minute
  • Large batches BPA-free Wild Side+ jar is a 90 ounce volume jar with 36 ounce blending capacity (wet or dry) ideal for blending beverages for 4-6 people
Bestseller No. 2
Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar (75oz volume/32 oz Wet/Dry Fillable), Professional-Grade Power, 6 Pre-programmed Cycles, 10-speeds, Black
  • Easy blending cycles: 1-touch buttons, 6 pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and 10 speed manual control with the ability to achieve a variety of textures. Complete control to adjust your blending at any time while blending
  • Patented blade/80% thicker: stainless-steel forged blade, with wings, for amazingly smooth blends (10x stronger than other blender blades). note: Blade is not sharp, blade is dull. No more cuts and pokes. Self-cleaning: add a little soap and water, your jar can clean itself in less than 1 minute
  • Large batches: BPA-free four-sided jar is a 75 ounce volume jar with 32 ounce blending capacity (wet or dry) ideal for blending beverages for 3-4 people
  • Warming Soup: Blendtec blenders heat soups and drinks through blade friction heat. Enjoy a warm meal or beverage in 6 minutes or less. Electrical ratings: Volts 120, Watt 1560, Hz 50-60, amp 13, cord: feet 35inches/3 feet
  • 8 year warranty/American Company: Family-owned and driven to build the best quality products - without compromise. Engineered and assembled in the USA.
Bestseller No. 3
Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz), Sealed Sound Enclosure, Industries Strongest and Quietest Professional-Grade Power, 11-Speed Touch Slider, Self-Cleaning, Black
  • Blendtec blenders are built to the highest professional standards. Our blades are 80% thicker and 10x stronger than other blender blades. No tamper/plunger needed. Professional-grade countertop or in-counter professional blender with 1-touch timed and pre-programmed cycles for smoothies, shakes, soups, crushed ice, juicer, ice cream maker, mixer, and self-cleaning.
  • Six preprogrammed blend cycles + pulse for just about any recipe. Use specific cycles to make anything from smoothies and fresh whole juice to cappuccinos, soups, margaritas, bread dough, sauces, dressings, and much more. The Pro 800 is capable of achieving 3.8 peak horsepower under laboratory conditions.
  • The Professional 800 operates at 11 speeds. Touch slider offers ultimate precision speed control, by simply sliding finger up and down control panel. One-touch interface for easy cleaning and quick blending, with LCD countdown timer for consistent results each time.
  • Includes BPA-free and impact resistant WildSide+ jar with extra-wide base and narrow fifth "wild" side for a faster, smoother blend. The WildSide+ Jar is a 90 oz volume jar with 36 oz blending capacity (wet or dry). Blendtec Sound Enclosure makes quiet blending possible in the home and in high volume shops. Top and back portions completely cover blocking sound for high volume blends with low noise.
  • 120 volts
Bestseller No. 1
Vitamix 62825 Drink Machine Advance 48-Ounce Blender with Red Base (Replaces Models 5085, 5028, 5029)
  • Make sure this fits. by entering your model number.
  • Model #: 62824
  • 6 programs choices
  • Enhanced motor design delivers power and durability
  • Automatic shut‐off
Bestseller No. 2
The Vitamix Cookbook: 250 Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Make in Your Blender
  • Jodi Berg
  • William Morrow Cookbooks
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
Bestseller No. 3
Vitamix 62828 Countertop Drink Blender w/Polycarbonate Container - 1 Count
  • Removable plug lid lets you add more ingredients while blending
  • Simple High/Low and On/Off controls make blender easy to operate
  • Collar on the tamper prevents it from touching the blades directly
  • Tamper lets you blend thick and frozen concoctions without having to stop the blender
  • 120 V/60 Hz/1 ph, 11.5 A

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