Blendtec Blenders Reviewed By Real Users

Blendtec Blenders Reviewed by Real Users

Warning: Real Reviews on the Blendtec Blenders

I first stumbled across this powerful juicer when my wife showed me the “will it blend?"

To prove the power of Blendtec, the endorsers willingly sacrificed a golden iphone 5 and a bunch of multi-colored iphones.

 It seems crazy seeing Steve’s product being pulverized completely in seconds.

On the other hand, it really impressed me knowing that it can deliver it’s blending power and promise.

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I own a Black and Decker blender and it is a dust compared to the Blendtec HP3A.

If you are the meticulous type and prefers your smoothie to be silky smooth then this blender is for you.

It’s 3 peak horsepower will surely live up to it’s promise. The possibilities are endless with this all in one kitchen machine.

If you are minimalist and would like to save space on your kitchen counter-top, then this amazing kitchen appliance will look great together with your Coffee grinders, Kitchen Mixers, Ice Cream maker and other appliances.

Now that you have the Blendtec Blender, you can quickly create all these delicious recipes:

- Green Smoothie

- Fruit Smoothie

- Margaritas

- Fresh juice

- Ice cream in a snap, Yum!

- Milkshakes

- Grinds Coffee Beans perfectly

- Margaritas

- Soups and Sauces (served Hot, yummy!)

- Dressings

- Dips

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Unlike Vitamix, you need not to worry about storing your Blendtec because it was designed to fit your kitchen closet. This is a major consideration especially for those people (like me) who have a wife who hates kitchen clutter.

The price of this machine is a bit steep compared to ordinary blenders that are readily available at our local stores. It is available on amazon at $398 - $434 price range. Now you may ask why does it cost that much?

Okay, so let us talk about power, this blender is no ordinary blender, it comes with 3 peak horsepower and 1500 watts of blending power to extract nutrients. It’s like a number of nutribullet machine in one epic blender! Well let’s say you are not into green juicing or smoothie thing, it’s okay, for you can utilize it’s power by making bread dough, cookie batter, coffee grinding, pea soup, or some smartphone crushing! 🙂

My previous B&D blender needs some shaking and stirring to get things done, while my Blendtec does it on it’s own.I love the fact that I do not need to constantly stir my fruits and veggies for it to get pulverized. It is designed to drag everything down to its blade for even blending. Call me lazy but minor convenience like these matters to me.

It comes with a 7 year warranty across US and Canada regions, however you must not use it commercially or the warranty will be voided.

It comes with 25 pre-programmed cycles which will allow you to properly choose the doneness and mode that you desire. It also boast a break resistant pitcher that could definitely stand it’s enormous blending power. Imagine if they pair it up with a crappy cheaply done jar, the result could be catastrophic. They made the jar very sturdy and it uses the same material as a bulletproof glass.

Do not worry for the pitcher is BPA free. Which means it's safe to use for kids, babies and even adults.

When it comes to cleaning, I usually fill the pitcher in half then put 2-3 tiny drop of dishwashing liquid then I run it for almost 10-20 seconds and then rinse it afterwards.

Cleaning is a major thing for me, it gives me ease and saves me time compared to my centrifugal juicers which requires vigorous washing after using.

So far I have not encountered any dysfunction on my Blendtec HP3A, it is a monster when it comes to blending. I love my smoothie to be a bit cold, and with Blendtec, ice is never an issue! I mostly enjoy my chilled smoothies. My wife also uses it for her baking and she is happy so far (happy wife happy life).

If you are a serious green juicer or even an average juicer this machine is totally worth it. However if you are just starting out with green juicing, you may want to check out a cheaper but very nice alternative - the nutribullet.

I have listed a few minor cons but it's worth noting

  • This machine is a bit loud
  • Comes with a pricetag
  • Sometimes it vibrates a little specially when I kind of fill it to the brim

The noise is still not too loud compared with my old centrifugal juicer. You'll immediately know that the Blendtec Blender can do it's job well because of the noise it creates. A powerful motor, does create a powerful and noticeable sound.

When you look at the pricetag of this blender closely, you'll know that the 7 year warranty equates to about $0.33 cents per day. Not bad for something that would help you enjoy drinking healthy fruits and vegetables.

Another thing to consider with the Blendtec machine is that it can also create soups, ice creams, butter, and dips that are healthy for you and your family. You can't buy that.

If you're looking to buy this machine,  I've found that the best deals for the Blendtec Blender can be found online via Amazon (Get Free shipping and discounts up to 25%)

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