There has been a lot of talk lately surrounding the term “superfoods”. Nutrition experts commonly use this word to refer to foods that have many health benefits and little if any negative health effects.

There are many foods that fall under this category, most often found to be natural, whole foods in their raw form.

Wheatgrass, a grass in the wheat family, is often referred to as a superfood and with good reason. Benefits of consuming wheatgrass have been shown to support many body processes from aiding digestion to easing joint pain.

The reason wheatgrass is termed a superfood is because it is packed full of nutrients. It contains antioxidants such as vitamins A,C, and E, and is also full of minerals including calcium, iron, and magnesium. Rich also in chlorophyll, which is what gives the plant its green color, wheatgrass benefits are many.

It is a powerful detoxifier, blood cleanser, and acid neutralizer. When consumed daily, it can restore red blood cell counts, reduce tumor size, correct thyroid imbalances, and boost metabolism. Gray hair has actually returned to normal color in some who ingest the plant on a regular basis.

External usage of wheatgrass has benefits as well. A container of wheatgrass near your bed can improve sleep by cleansing oxygen in the room and also releasing negative ions. If applied directly to the skin, wheatgrass can reduce itching, alleviate a painful sunburn, and disinfect. It has been shown to double one’s red blood cell count merely by soaking in a bath with wheatgrass in the water.

There are different ways to consume wheatgrass, but using it fresh as a juice is the best way to get all of the nutrients it has to offer. Because of the strong taste however, some prefer to use it as a powder or in capsule form, which are still beneficial. Wheatgrass powder or caps can be found in local health food stores.

It is fairly simple to grow your own wheatgrass at home. You can buy kits that include the basic items you need which typically will include seed, a tray, and soil. They are relatively inexpensive, especially when you factor in all of benefits of consuming this superfood. If purchasing wheatgrass seed, be sure to look for organic seed or seed that is certified as non-GMO to get a product that is free from any genetic modification. The plant is able to be grown inside or outside, making it a great plant for those who may not live where they can grow outside.

There are many great recipes for wheatgrass including smoothies, cocktails, salads, and even soups. To obtain the maximum wheatgrass benefits, it should be used fresh since cooking destroys its healthful properties.

Wheatgrass is commonly considered safe for most people to consume, but pregnant or nursing women should always discuss any dietary changes with their doctor, as should anyone who may have any type of allergic reaction.

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