Juicing Benefits - 10 Wonders Of Drinking Fruit And Vegetable Juice

Juicing Benefits – 10 Wonders of Drinking Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Whether you're 60+ years old or just a teenager, you can take advantage of the different juicing benefits that are available to you.

Different people have experienced different success stories from juicing.

Some people have lost weight, some have said that they felt they have more energy, while others said they have improved mental clarity and that they could accomplish  more things after just a few days of juicing.

But what are the real benefits of juicing? And why is juicing becoming an extremely popular lifestyle for a lot of people. It's because the eating veggies and fruits can do wonders for your body's health.

Here are the major benefits that people experience when they start adding juicing to their diet.

The 10 Main benefits of juicing are the following:

1. It allows you to consume the recommended fiber and vegetables in your diet.

Imagine eating bundles of kale leaves for your breakfast. Each bite could be a handful and hard to swallow, but by juicing the kale leaves, you'll be able to consume lots of these dark green leafy vegetables in just one glass.

2. Juicing also breaks down the micro nutrients in vegetables and fruits and makes it easier for your body to absorb those nutrients.

Since juicing already breaks down the fruit and vegetables into a liquid form, it helps aid in digestion.

3. Consuming Vegetables can actually improve your immune system

There was a study in Japan that showed how Kale actually boosted the immune system of people. These are power plants that are available to us for consumption, but are rarely eaten because we've gotten used to the traditional diet.

4. Some fruits and vegetables even have cancer fighting properties and help even reverse the cancer process

In an exciting study and discovery, researchers have found out that strawberry can actually help reverse the onset of early esophageal cancer. It's another great reason to continue eating fruits and vegetables.

5. You'll be able to lose weight from juicing

Drinking Fruits and Vegetables can help you lose weight because you'll feel full which will satiate your appetite.

6. Juicing helps detoxifies and purify your body

Because we're accustomed to the typical "diet" of processed foods, fast foods and chemical laden foods, our body already contains hundreds of chemicals like Acrylamide, Arsenic, Environmental phenols, Perchlorate, Perfluorinated chemicals, Polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and Volatile organic compounds.

This CDC Report has shown that they have found two hundred and twelve chemicals in the blood and urine samples of people.

Our liver already handles most of the detoxifying and purifying of toxic chemicals in our body but we need to aid it especially if there are too much levels of these toxic chemicals. Foods that promote the liver's health and aids in the detoxification includes, Onion, Beetroot, Flaxseeds, Dandelions, Artichoke, Seaweeds, Turmeric and my favorite; Apples.

7. Juicing can help reduce your craving for "junk foods"

From what I've experienced initially, I was craving for "junk foods" after juicing only in the first few days. I think it was because my body was not accustomed to this type of nutrition and it was "searching" for the "comfort foods". But eventually, as your body becomes familiar with juicing, and after feeling more energy in the next few weeks, you'll feel that the "craving" towards junk foods have lessened, or your will power have become stronger.

8. Juicing can help reduce your "Bad" cholesterol levels and increase the production of "good cholesterol"

The best way to prevent the onset of  Cardiovascular disease is to look at the very first step that makes it possible, LDL or Bad cholesterol. If LDL cholesterol levels are unusually high in a person's bloodstream it can precipitate the formation of atherosclerosis or "hardened plaque" in our coronary arteries. And LDL cholesterol are usually found from Saturated Fats, Trans Fat, and Consumption of Cholesterol itself. Mostly these comes from Animal products like Dairy and Egg.

But fortunately we also have HDL or the Good Cholesterol. HDL is usually found in most fruits and vegetables. Eating (or Drinking) vegetables can definitely increase the levels of HDL in your bloodstream. So by reducing your intake of Bad cholesterol, and increasing the intake of Good Cholesterol you are actually decreasing your risk of heart disease.

9. You can easily "drink" your vegetables and fruits, rather than "eat" them one by one

Which would you rather do? Eat 1 Big serving of Brocolli, Spinach Leaves, and Banana or drink the equivalent of all the fruits and vegetables in one glass?

Drinking my veggies and fruits is quick, easy, and fun.

10. It's easy to prepare and is perfect for your busy day.

We are  all busy. We have work to do, kids to take care of, and household chores that needs to get done. That's why "comfort foods" have become so prevalent because they give you an immediate boost in energy, then afterwards you'll feel bloated, unsatisfied and wanting for more.

The last time I binged on a diet and pizza, made me feel worst in just 30 minutes after eating it.

But ever since I've started drinking my "veggies" and "fruits" I've noticed a big difference. I can do more because I have more energy.

I feel satisfied and full and doesn't feel that I have the need to binge on "junk foods" and best of all it's so easy to prepare that all I need to do is wash my vegetables and fruits thoroughly, put them in my juicer, drink my glass of superfoods and I'm ready for my day!

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