If you are looking for a very great superfood to add to your juicing diet, try supplementing with spirulina. 

There are a noted variety of juicing benefits that come along with adding spirulina to one's diet.

Some of these benefits include improved digestion, weight loss, improved skin tone, and increased energy. 

Here is a quick overview of spirulina.

What exactly is Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-greenish algae that is found abundantly throughout the earth. Known for being one of the oldest forms of life, this superfood helps produce oxygen in the earth's atmosphere.

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It is found abundantly in warm alkaline lakes in many parts of the world. Many studies have shown that spirulina is indeed a nutrient dense food that can bring many benefits to individuals who consume it.

Spirulina is heavily rich in protein and contains more amino acids than any other non-animal source. Usage of this algae is not a new phenomenon.

For thousands of years, tribal societies in Africa, South America and Asia have used spirulina for its medicinal properties.

Spirulina Benefits

Some noted spirulina benefits include increased energy, improved immune system function, improved digestion, weight loss, enhanced exercised performance, blood sugar stabilization, and improved respiratory function.

Other scientific studies have shown that spirulina also improves skin tone and helps reduce skin rashes and other dermatological issues.

Spirulina also contains a powerful dose of antioxidants which are crucial in helping the body fight off free radicals and pre-cancer cell growth.

Medical scientists have also discovered that this superfood contains chlorophyll which helps bring abundant amounts of oxygen to red blood cells and white blood cells.

Increased oxygenation of red blood cells and white blood cells leads to improved cardiovascular function as well as improving the body's ability to fight off bacteria and viruses.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin B12 and other minerals are found within spirulina.

Where can Spirulina be purchased?

Spirulina is commonly found in grocery stores, health food stores, vitamin shops and other places that specialize in herbal and natural medicine.

Spirulina is sold in both pill, powder and juice form. It is also very inexpensive and should be regularly purchased and used to maximize its benefits. Spirulina can also be added to vegetable and fruit smoothies when individuals are looking to begin liver detox programs.

How often should Spirulina be used

Spirulina is a supplement that can be taken every day. Depending on the product that you buy, follow the recommended intake. Like with any other supplement or vitamin, one should consult with a physician or licensed dietician to ensure that taking spirulina does not interfere with any pre-existing health conditions or interfere with current medications that you are taking for various ailments.

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