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Are Avocados Good For Your Health And Body?

Last updated by Ryan

June 18, 2018

I was just watching a video clip from Dr. Greger at Nutritionfacts.org, about whether Avocado is good for our health or not.

So what do you think? What are Avocados Good For? Are Avocados good for me?

That's really interesting and exciting because aside from the fact that Avocado contains "good cholesterol", it also has Persin, which is a natural killer for breast cancer cells.

The only problem is that it also attacks normal cells.

Pretty much how chemotherapy drugs works as well. Another advantage of consuming avocados is that it is a rich source of beta-sitosterol, which has a cholesterol lowering effect on the body.

Researchers made an in vitro study about the effects of Avocado extract to white blood cells, and the conclusions were astounding.

It does have a detrimental effect on the white blood cells. Fortunately, when we consume Avocados they are still broken down by our digestive enzymes, then our liver detoxifies potential toxins before nutrients are released in the blood stream.

But the bottomline is we don't know. 

The research have shown that Avocado has an effect in Vitro (outside the body) but no significant studies have been done to test how our bodies react when consumed.

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