5 Top Benefits of Beets

Beets are highly nutritious and health friendly vegetables.

It is the taproot portion of the beet plant also known by different names such as table beet,garden beet or informally simply the beet. 

Beets contain a large amount of proteins and calcium and apart from that is also a very good source of sugar. In spite of having so many health benefits beets are extremely tasty and delicious.

The main benefits of beets are:

1. RICH IN VITAMINS AND MINERALS – Beets contain a large amount of potassium,magnesium and phosphorous.

Beets also contain large amounts of vitamin C.

100gm of beet greens provides 50% of RDA. Vitamin C helps to fight the body against cancer development.

Apart from that beet also contain a large amount of carotenoids ,Vitamin A and falvonoid anti-oxidants.

Vitamin A is essential for maintaining proper vision and flavonoids protects from lung cancer. The roots of beet also contains B complex vitamins such as niacin(B-3), pyridoxine(B-6). ​

They also contain potassium which helps in lowering the heart rate and maintaining proper metabolism.

2. ANTI INFLAMMATORY BENEFITS – The inflammatory response is a function of the body which protects us during bacterial infection and injury.

However,as a result of the constant pressure in our lives the inflammation becomes chronic. Inflammation has been linked to many symptons including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • High level of blood pressure
  • Diabetes

The belatins in beet helps to reduce chronic inflammation and thus is extremely important.

3. HELPS IN MAINTAINING MENTAL HEALTH – Beets contain betaine which is used in many anti depression treatments.

Beet also contains tryptophan which helps in relaxing the mind. Beets also help in lowering the blood pressure. In this age mental health is of utmost importance .

It is very essential to be always in a good frame of mind. So if you are not having beet start taking it immediately.

4. HEALTHY BEET GREENS-The green leafs of the beets are the most nutritious part of the plant.It contains a large amount of essential nutrients like manganese,calcium,iron and Vitamin A and C.

Beet leafs actually contain more nutritional value than the root. According to scientific study beet greens help to

  • Fight Alzheimer's disease
  • Strengthen the immune system by hepling in the development of a large number of antibodies and white blood cells.

5. BRAIN AND ENERGY BOOST- Beets contain high level of nitrates which are converted in the form of nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide expands the walls of the blood vessels which helps to carry more oxygen,nutrients and more energy.

Nitric oxide also helps to increase the efficiency of the energy powerhouses,mitochondria. The study of the results are impressive:

  • A single serving of beetroot juice reduced blood pressure by 2%
  • A single serving helped professional driver to hold their breath for more than 11%
  • Cyclists who drank a large glass of beetroot juice were able to ride 20 % longer.

Apart from these 5 benefits beet also has many other benefits like

SUPER ANTIOXIDANT: Antioxidant helps to reverse the wear and tear of the body which occurs due to aging. Beets contain a high level of antioxidants like manganese which helps to reverse the process of aging.

The beets are dark red in color due to the presence of antioxidants called belatins. Studies show that belatins have a lot of positive effects. They help in the prevention of cancer,diabetes.

CELL DETOXIFICATION AND CLEANSING: The antioxidants present in beets supports phase 2 cleansing.

What happens in phase 2 cleansing is that unwanted substances are chemically combined with small nutrient groups.

The combination neutralizes the toxin and makes them water soluble so that they can pass out through urine. Therefore beets help in deep cellular cleansing and helps in the long run.

BEET is considered one of the world’s most healthiest foods.It takes care of almost all types of diseases and helps in maintaining good health. All professional sportsmen and athletes takes beet.

And the best thing about beet is that in spite of so many health benefits it is also extremely tasty and delicious.

I hope after reading this article everyone who didn't take beets before start consuming it as soon as possible because it will greatly benefit you both in the short run as well as in the long run.

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