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Let me tell you my personal story…

Ryan CruzMy name is Ryan and I'm 30+ years old. I've spent almost 3 decades of my life either obese or overweight and I've wanted to change that badly…

I've tried almost every type of diet and exercise machine available, but I couldn't finish the programs because I've either felt too weak or not motivated enough to finish it.

Unfortunately, my health has suffered because of these poor eating habits.

One day, I had a severe gout attack that has affected my life, my work and my family.

I can barely move around the house. I needed to “drag” a study chair just to be able to go from one place to the other…

I've decided to cut on my diet of red meat and other “foods” that causes gout. This helped a little, but I still have to take pain relievers just to help me bare the pain…

One day in the office, I was so stressed out at work that when I came home, I felt that I will be having another gout attack. And I did.

I realized that stress can “trigger” another episode of “these gout attacks”. I was really desperate for a solution and an answer.

I knew that gout had something to do with heredity (I got it from my father) and a LOT with foods.

Particularly “red meat”…

You see, I've been eating meat all my life.

IMPORTANT: I feel like I need to make a disclaimer here, I'm NOT saying that a diet of fruits and vegetables will cure my “Gout”, I'm not a doctor. Please consult with a healthcare provider (your medical doctor) before you start or stop any diet regimen especially if you are taking any medications.

But what should I be eating instead?

That question has lead me to my research findings that eating more “plant-based foods” can be beneficial to our health.

No I'm not becoming “vegetarian” (yet…) but I'm going to start adding more fruits and vegetables in my diet.

I'm going to make plant-based foods a BIGGER portion of my meals…

And that journey starts here…

This blog is about that journey, and particularly why I got into drinking “green juice” and “green smoothies”…


One beautiful movie night…


During one of our “movie nights”, me and my wife watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It was a great movie about a guy who tried losing weight by juicing… If you haven't watched it yet, watch it. It's a big eye opener for us.

This got me hooked and wanted to start juicing right away.

I remembered that we had bought a juicer before but it was not being used. But after reading, watching and researching more about it, I got really interested in it.

Watching that movie was really inspiring.

And one thing that I've learned from the movie, was to have a BIG reason for doing this.

I guess it all starts with understanding your goals, expectations and motivations.


My BIGGEST reasons for eating healthier includes:

1. I want to live longer and enjoy life to the full. I would still be able to enjoy playing with my kids and grand kids even at an older age.

2. I want to look and feel good from the inside out.

3. I want to inspire others, share my success and failures because ultimately, for me it's really the journey that makes it a wonderful experience.

Now back at you…

What are your BIGGEST reasons?

I believe that without understanding what your motivations are, it's hard to change your perspective on how to eat right. This blog is about that journey, and hopefully it can be a part of your journey too!

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