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I'm really excited that you're here and that I can be a part of your journey to a better you. But first, let me share this with you…


These stats are growing at an alarming rate. This fact sheet was last updated last June 2016 and here are the key facts that we need to know:

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    The world is getting more obese, it has doubled since 1980
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    More than half a billion (600 million+) were obese out of the world's 1.9 billion adults in 2014 were overweight
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    The great thing about obesity is that it's preventable
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    Less than 40% of adults aged 18 yrs plus were overweight and 13% of them were obese (which means their BMI is over 30 kg/m2)
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    41 million of the world's kids below 5 are either obese or overweight
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    Obesity kills more people than being underweight

It's just sad...

Although, we've had more "health products" and "health awareness" in the last few decades, we've had more illness, obesity problems and other health problems than ever before as a human race.

It is a worldwide epidemic. But all is not lost. As we do have a fighting chance.

And now's the time to do that. Now's the time to take charge of our own health and what we choose to put into our mouths to nourish us.

Scientists and numerous health experts agree that what we eat and consume on a daily basis would play a significant and a very BIG role in our health status.

And one of the food groups that are truly beneficial to our well being are fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are considered to be plant-based foods. If you're not fond of eating them or if you've been eating them before, I'd like to share with you how you could transform that into a more wonderful experience.

Some people eat them.

Some people cook them.

Some people juice and blend them so that they could drink them. There are many benefits of juicing and blending fruits and vegetables.

Convenience is one of them.

I'm sure that you might have a lot of questions right now, and this is where we'd like to help. 

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All we ask is that you keep an open-mindset in this journey.

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