Is the Nutribullet™ For You?

I first stumbled on the Nutribullet system after desperately looking for a solution to my weight problems and lack of energy..

You’ll see why it’s not a blender and it’s also not a juicer.

When I first started to juice, I bought a plastic Juicer at a local store and it was a great deal.

But I noticed that it’s taking me a lot of time to setup the equipment and clean it after use.

And if you are going to work everyday, I just don’t have enough time to create my own juice from fruits and vegetables.

Another thing that I noticed with my Juicer is that I seem to be throwing away 90% of the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables in the form of fiber.

It’s because juicing “squeezes” the extract but throws out the fiber which most health professionals would say is very important to your health and digestive system.

So after watching reading and researching more about the Nutribullet, I thought I might give it a try.

So we went to a local store that seems to be selling Nutribullet and they were out of stock.

It seems that a lot of people have bought the Nutribullet System.

We have to drive for about an hour and a half just to go to the next available store that has the Nutribullet.

Finally we were able to get it via Amazon at a great price (the world’s largest online retailer) and I can’t wait to try and test it out.

*Before we go further, just a quick clarification…

Is the Magic Bullet the same as the Nutribullet?

You’ll notice that the Magicbullet brand is in the embedded in the power base of the Nutribullet. But to make things clear…

The Magic Bullet is the main brand of these products, from the same company.

But earlier they launched a similar and much ‘more smaller product to the Nutribullet, called the Magic Bullet.

Don’t get the smaller Magic Bullet (usually less than $50 today) because they are less powerful and they do not have the same motor as with the Nutribullet.

Don’t make the mistake of getting one because if you think it will do the same job, it won’t.

I’ve written a more detailed article here comparing the both products.

My First Impression on the NutriBullet

It’s smaller than I thought and lighter too.

I was accustomed to the HUGE sizes of my previous juicers and blender (yes I have both) and the Nutribullet system is just a space saver.

Just make sure to keep it out of reach of children to prevent them from playing with it and plugging it to the electrical socket.

I opened the box and I immediately counted if all parts are present and if there are no missing or broken parts.

If there are any broken and missing parts, I’m sure you’ll be able to return and exchange it immediately whether you have purchased it online or in a local store.

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