Is The Nutribullet System For You?

Hey there Juicing and Smoothing Fans!

Ryan here and I’m excited to share this article with you. This is one of the”secrets” why me and my family have been getting more fruits and veggies into our system and we all know that is great for your health.

In just a short while, you’ll know why a lot of people have been raving about these “extraction machines”…

I first stumbled on the Nutribullet systems after desperately wanting to learn how to lose weight and how I could have more energy because I always feel tired and lethargic… 

I’ve tried all the Nutribullet models: the 600W version, the PRO 900 and now the Nutribullet RX 1700 model (what I’m currently usingbecause I’ve given some of them to my family and friends…

Excited to check out the great deals on the Nutribullet?

You’ll see why it’s not a blender and why it’s also not a juicer…

When I first started drinking more fruits and vegetables as a way to nourish my body with the right nutrients, I’ve bought a plastic juicer at a local store and it was a great deal.

But I’ve noticed that it’s taking me a lot of time to setup the juicing equipment and clean it after use.

And if you’re going to work everyday, you just won’t have enough time to create your own juice from fruits and vegetables.

Another thing that I’ve noticed with my juicer is that, I would seem to be throwing away 90% of the nutrients from fruits and vegetables in the form of fiber.

It’s because juicing “squeezes” the extract but throws out the fiber, which most health professionals  & experts would say plays a very important to the health of our digestive system.

So after watching, reading, and researching more about the nutribullet machines (the 600W, the PRO 900 and the RX 1700), I thought I might give it a try. 

When I’ve bought my first Nutribullet, I’ve had a hard time finding available stock on my local grocery store. So shopping online was a viable option. Good thing that online shopping is now easier and safer than ever before, and you can easily get one online instead of going to a local store.

But before I continue, let me just share with you a quick clarification about a common misconception regarding the Nutribullet blender machines...

Magic Bullet VS the Nutribullet RX, 600, PRO 900 machines?

At first glance, you’ll notice that the Magic bullet logo is embedded in the power base motor of the Nutribullet (and this is what confuses a lot of people). Although the magic bullet logo is in the power base, as long as it also has the Nutribullet logo in the main body, that’s a Nutribullet machine.

It’s because the Magic Bullet is the main brand of these products, all from the same company.

The company has earlier released a smaller product called the “Magic bullet”.

Don’t get the smaller Magic Bullet (usually less than $50 today) because they are less powerful and they do not have the same motor as the Nutribullet.

But if you’re on a tight budget, it can still work if you’re willing to compromise on the consistency of the drinks you’ll be able to create.

Don’t make the mistake of getting one because if you think it will do the same job, it won’t.

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