Is The Nutribullet PRO 900 Worth It?

After using the 600W version of the Nutribullet for almost 1 year, a more powerful, and a bigger Nutribullet Pro 900 Series comes in and it raised a lot of questions for me…

  • Does this new and bigger machine create better smoothies? (900 watts motor vs 600 watts)
  • Is a bigger cup worth it? (32oz cup)
  • What are the improvements of the new Nutribullet from the old machine?
  • Why does it have 2 extractor blades and no milling blade?

These are just some of the questions that I’ll answer in this article.

[BREAKING UPDATE] 31st August 2015

  • A New and Better (lower priced too) Countertop Blender Challenges the Nutribullet Brands: The Nutri Ninja PRO Blender (Bl-450). This is what I RECOMMEND now as your first "blender" or "smoothie maker".

Although I'm a regular user of the Nutribullet and never had any many major issues with it, I believe that the Nutri Ninja PRO Blender is the best product to get between the two right now.

The Nutri Ninja didn't have any "blade fail" issues, it can crush ICE easily, and it's much less expensive than the Nutribullet PRO 900. The Nutri Ninja has a similar motor of 900watts as well. Read my full review and comparison here.

What happens after using the Nutribullet PRO for almost a year...

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  1. Jane says

    Thanks for the review. I have had the 600watt for about two years now. Can’t wait to get the newest model but will wait till I need to replace something. Just love the nutri bullet, best thing I have in the kitchen!

  2. william lockett says

    Read your comments and reply’s have searched extensively to find an answer on a technical issue,which is are they produced for the UK market 240 Volts or do they only come with 110-120 USA standard

  3. rose says

    Thanks for the comparison – thats really good to know. I’ve been hanging out for a 900, but I get the impression its near impossible to get one either in, or for, Australia – again, the plug and voltage issue, also so many places wont ship to Aus… :-( and many of the blogs mention frying their 120V accidentally with our 240V, and not finding a converter that will handle 900W… the 600W version is sold here, but for a ridiculous!! price…

  4. Zara says

    Thank you – a wealth of information!
    I have only just started researching the NutriBullet.
    I am glad I took the time to read these Comments – thank you William and Rose for commenting on the voltage issue over here in Australia.
    I too would be very interested in being able to purchase the NutriBullet 900W with the correct Australian voltage
    Does anyone have an answer? Who are the manufacturers?

  5. Joanne says

    Thanks for your insight. It’s very helpful. Just wanted to clarify – do you use frozen fruits at all? I don’t use ice cubes for my drinks but I do use frozen fruits and I’m just curious if either of the Nutribullets would get beat up over that?

  6. Ryan says

    I use frozen fruits as well (berries, mangoes, etc). Just make sure that they are not in large chunks of ice. You’ll need a blender like Blendtec if you are going to use large chunks of ice. The Nutribullet is also not designed for ice, so I would avoid using it on your machine.

  7. Kristy says

    I got the 900 a few months ago, and use it every morning. Most of the time, I put in a bunch of chard, spinach, and/or lettuce. Then blueberries, frozen pineapple, half a frozen peeled old banana, sometimes a few slices of canned beets, watermelon. Then a couple of tablespoons of whole flax seeds, and then coconut water to about half-way up. Just wonderful!!

  8. Kermit says

    I’ve had my nutribullet 600W for about an year and a half and I use frozen fruit and ice cube ( about 6 or 7) per smoothie and I haven’t had a problem with the blades yet, I did chip off one of the clips on the cup so I have to hold it in place while I use it.

  9. Michael says

    Our nutribullet has burnt out, I wonder if I was doing anything “wrong”. How long would you blend a serve of veggies and a serve of fruit for? Do you pulse it on an off or leave it for the whole duration? We love the smoothies it makes and are trying to decide if we want to replace it, upgrade to the pro or get something else.

  10. Ryan says

    Hi Michael,

    We usually don’t use the Nutribullet it for more than 30 secs (manual says it should be less than 1 minute), so if you’re using it more than that, it could burn out that motor (because it’s high-speed and heat builds up quickly inside the motor).

    There are replacement motors if you like, but you can also check out the PRO version which is 900W and creates better batches of smoothies. Hope this helps!

  11. says

    Have had the 600 for three years,
    Lost bout 20 Lbs. Feel great, skin, hair, nails have benefited from using nutribullet. Just upgraded to the 900 series. If its as good as my 600 I’ll be happy.

  12. Sharon says

    Thank you so much. I am one that does not own any of these yet. I guess the Ninja sounds the best for me.

  13. Robert says says

    Thank you so much for spending so much time to share your valuable knowledge
    and experience of using Nutribullet products, you helped thousands of people making
    the best decision in choosing the Nutri products. I was about to order the Nutri 600 today,
    but now I definitely will buy the 900 model instead.

    I am wondering if the Nutri Pro 900 can grind dry almond to make almond powder.
    Thank you so much.

  14. Jane says

    Hi, just wondering do you recommend the Nutri ninja pro blender above the nutri bullet pro 900watt?

  15. Ryan says

    Hi Jane,

    If this is your first smoothie machine, yes. Currently the Nutri Ninja has the same motor with the 900 and it can crush ice easily. It also costs less than the Nutribullet but also has less cup and accessories. Hope this helps!

  16. Ryan says

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes you can use it to grind almonds as well. I’m also using it to create almond milks together with a nut milk bag.

  17. Janine Rands says

    Am hard into the reviews of the Nutri 900 series, as I want the heavier duty motor. But all the other reviews of the blade breaking, and leaking concerns me, then, trying to get CS to honor their warranty. I detest adding to electric landfill, so want all my purchases to last and getting the most for my careful dollar. I’m still on the fence, after waiting an hour for CS to return my call. Like in the past year, since the complaints, have they made corrections or am I just buying the older model, hoping they get rid of stock?

  18. Ryan says

    Hi Janine,

    The Nutribullet 900 has a more powerful motor than the 600Watt and it was the 900Watts that had the blade issues and NOT the 600 series. What I’ve mentioned in my review is trying the Nutri Ninja PRO Blender instead of the Nutribullet since they didn’t have the blade issue. But if you’re really looking into a durable machine that has 7 years warranty, it’s best to get the Vitamix 7500 or the Blendtec Total blender. They are the professional versions of these smoothie machines. Of course they require a higher investment. But when you look at it’s warranty of 7 years, then it would be more cost effective. Hope this helps!

    Here’s a quick comparison of the Blendtec VS Vitamix:

  19. Krisztina says

    Hi there, I have not read all the comments maybe somebody already raised the same question. I would lik e to know how I can use in Europe (220V) the 900W NutriBullet Pro Series version purchased in US (110V.)
    Are there any adaptors for that? If you have any hints please let me know…
    Thanks, Krisztina

  20. Ryan says

    Hi Krisztina,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. To answer your questions, you can also find the nutribullet in Amazon UK and it might already have the 220V. But I’ve also heard that others have used a step down transformer in order to use their 110V machine with a 220V socket. (Disclaimer: You should always check with a professional first before attempting to use any step-down transformers.)

  21. Sandra cole says

    First time to do smoothies…
    Love it .!!! Lost 30 lbs … Not even trying … Just want to healthy!!!
    I look 10 + years younger and feel even better!!
    Best machine in my kitchen. I even have my grand boys doing smoothies.. No more head aches or dizziness for them.
    I’ll never be with out one again! Love it.!!! ❤️

  22. Susan Harrison says

    Hi I Have just purchased the ninja 2 in 1 had my first experience this morning it was good and tasted good two my husband had one two he enjoyed his now he knows he said it wil be creating time now. Waiting to get some of this weight off too.
    The ninja turtle as we call it is now set up in the kitchen for daily use three times a day.

    Cheers sue

  23. Pat says

    I learned so much from your comments. Thank you. I also liked the comparison of price of the Vitamix long term versus Nutibullet replacement $& that is huge!!

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