VITAMIX Juicer and Blenders – Power, Precision, and Durability

7 Years Warranty, drinks that even your kids would love, put more fruits and vegetables than your regular blender, different speeds for maximizing extracts of different fruits and vegetables, these are just some of the most powerful benefits of a VITAMIX JUICER or Blender

Introducing: Vitamix Juicer and Blenders

Extract, Enjoy, Enrich your lives with this revolutionary machine!


This changes…everything!

People all over the world have been sharing stories of how this machine (Vitamix Juicers and Blenders) in the past few months. I’ll explain why in the next few minutes. You can finally enjoy drinking smoothies with this machine – and keep doing it.

The Secret Is In the Tool

I know what you’re thinking, another Juicer or Blender machine – But you’re wrong… As a matter of fact, this machine might well be the best of both worlds.

The problem with blenders and the smoothies that they make is that you’ll feel your drinking chunks of veggies and fruits. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be drinking that everyday, I might not even last for 2 days. So most people turn into juicers. But the problem with most juicers is that you literally throw money away.

Why? Because 90% of the nutrients are in the fiber (which are thrown when you create juice drinks. But don’t get me wrong. Juice drinks tastes great, without the textured feeling. Finally, the Vitamix offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy drinks with less texture and at the same time get all the fiber(with vitamins and nutrients). Or you can create more juice drinks efficiently because the pulp is literally flavorless.

My Experience with the Vitamix Machine

Upon buying the Vitamix online (click here to check for the best deals – free shipping and save up to 25%), I’ve waited for 3 days for it before it arrived to my house. As I opened the package, I felt like a kid who was opening birthday gifts. I was really excited with this machine because of the raving reviews that I’ve heard.

After checking that all the parts are complete, it’s time to take the Vitamix to the test.

I initially cleaned it before using, then I washed the produce that I’m going to use. I will be creating my first green drink with this machine.

My ingredients:

Flax Seeds
Cocoa bits
Coconut water
Baby Spinach

I’ve added all the ingredients to the pitcher, closed the lid, plugged the vitamix and turned the power on. I tried using the variable speed control because I want to be more creative with my drinks.

The drink that I got was very different than the smoothies that I make with my Nutribullet (read my complete Nutribullet review here). Anyway, the Vita-mix smoothies have less texture. Which means they have been blended really well.

The pitcher is also larger than my NutriBullet and regular blenders, so I can create more drinks easily.

But this is still a smoothie. What I’ve found out is that I can easily strain the fiber from this smoothie drink using a fine strainer and I’ll be left with only the juice. This is really cool, because I can either create smoothies or juice drinks with the Vitamix.

Another speed setting for the Vitamix is the High Speed setting which helps me create butter, soup and processing tougher and thicker ingredients. It has a very powerful 2HP (horsepower) motor that does the job efficiently.

I’ve also noticed from the manual, that it’s base is metal to metal which makes it durable and perfect for my kitchen countertop. The large 64oz blending capacity is enough for a big family, and you can blend another batch quickly if you like.

Some problems of juicers and blenders includes leaks when creating your drinks, but not with the lid and removable plug that comes with the Vitamix. It’s intuitive because it allows ingredients to be added during blending without creating a mess in your kitchen.

There’s also an additional tamper (a patented accessory) for the Vitamix, which helps you “mix” the ingredients when blending. Tough and bigger ingredients are blended well because a little nudge from the “tamper” does the job.

The electronic controls of the vitamix is soft to touch that even your grandma won’t have a hard time operating it. Just make sure you keep it out of reach of children, because they might play with it.

You’ll also love the classic Vitamix recipes. There are recipes on creating delicious drinks, soups and ice creams!

Yes, you can even create your own ice creams with the Vitamix in just a few minutes.

And for soups, you don’t need stoves or ovens to create healthy soups. The heat from the friction of ingredients and the high speed blades warms it enough to create delicious soups.

Some of the favorite soups that I’ve made is the Tomato and Basil soup. I’ve used a broth cube for taste, but for some people who are watching their sodium levels, you might need to check on the sodium content before you use any broth cubes in your soups.

How does the Vitamix Compare to a Juicer?

Well juicers have one function, to create juice drinks (fruits and vegetables) and it involves removing pulp. And most of the time, you’ll want to include the pulp in your drinks because that is where most of the nutrients can be found. And you’ll also get the fiber which is beneficial to your digestive system. So Juicers, by design can’t make drinks with fiber in it. But they still make great and healthy drinks.

But the Vitamix, is a mix of both worlds, Juicers and Blenders(or smoothie machines). Why?

Because the Vitamix can blend fruits and vegetables well enough that by straining the ingredients, you can quickly turn your smoothies into juice. You can use the pulp as flour-base ingredient for baking, or put the pulp in a dehydrator for making chips, etc.

The Vitamix doesn’t only do that, it can also create ice cream and soups.

The high speed setting and variable speed of the Vitamix machine, allows you to create variations with your creations. With the high speed setting, you’ll be able to create hot soups because of the friction of the blades and ingredients.

How about the Vitamix VS the NutriBullet?

Comparing the NutriBullet with the Vitamix is like comparing a mini car with an SUV.

Yes, both creates smoothies and healthy drinks. But because the vitamix is more expensive and more powerful, it can create smoother drinks. Which is expected of course. But for convenience and ease of use, nothing beats the NutriBullet. It will literally take you less than 5 minutes to use and clean your NutriBullet machine.

But for more functionality, more creativity, smoother drinks, ability to create juice, and more, I’d go with the Vitamix machines.

How about the Vitamix and the Blendtec Machines?

As a disclaimer, I haven’t used the Blendtec. But based on my comparisons in labels and price tags, the Blendtec is more expensive with most models of the Vitamix. The primary advantage of having the Blendtec machine is it’s wider carafe (or opening where you put the ingredients). It’s also shorter too, which means that it can process produce with using tampers, etc.

The Vitamix has a taller and narrower carafe, which can sometimes cause ingredients not to be blended properly without using the patented tamper. But for me it’s ok, a little bit of turning the button on and off intermittently, and using the tamper does the same job perfectly.

It has also been said than some Blendtec machines are louder than the Vitamix, but who knows. I haven’t compared them but I care less. If you are using high speed machines, noise will always be present. What’s important to me, is that it does the job right. And accordingly both machines are great so I leave it up to you to choose between the two.

Vitamix Blenders Machines

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