Paderno Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer Review

For folks like me who have given up (or trying to give up carbs and pasta), try this alternative…

A spiral vegetable slicer that I really love

As for any pasta lover, giving up the carbs can be a very difficult thing to do.  When you’re trying to eat right and eat healthier foods (more vegetables and raw foods), noodles seems to be out of the picture.

That’s why when I learned that you can actually create “noodles” from your favorite vegetables like zucchinis and cucumber, I was thrilled to try this kitchen device.

Now in less than a few minutes I could:

  •  Create spiraled zucchinis, radishes, carrots, cucumbers & squash
  •  Wash the equipment in just a few minutes
  •  Substitute Carbs with these healthy “spiraled” veggies

The perfect gift

This will be a perfect gift for your significant other or a beloved family member (hi Grandma!). You can order online via Amazon and get up to 25% discount. Once you’ve ordered online, you’ll be able to receive 3 sets of blades (for different cuts). It’s made of plastic, but it’s durable enough at the right price point.

There’s also a 1 year warranty on the item, so if it ever breaks up, you’ll be able to ask for a manufacturer warranty (Paderno is a big brand in the kitchen world).

What I love about this vegetable slicer?

Of course, there are many reasons why I love using this vegetable slicer and I’d like to share them with you. First, this product is amazing at what it does. It can definitely create those vegetable “noodles” and “spiraled veggies” that makes eating healthy a lot of fun (Try giving them to your kids and see what they say, I think they’ll love it).

It can create spiraled veggies on most fruits and vegetables. I’ve used carrots (not baby carrots), zucchinis, radishes, cucumber and others. As long as it can be handled by the spiralizer and the blades, then it can be spiraled by the slicer.

Another reason why I love using it, it’s not very complicated to clean. Yes, you’ll need a vegetable brush to help rinse the blades and the other parts, but aside from that it’s really not that hard to clean this piece of equipment.

It’s economical – The price of this equipment is ridiculously low for the amount of work it can do.

What I didn’t like about this equipment?

It’s made of plastic – I know it’s made of durable plastic, but if you’re kitchen equipments are mostly modern gadgets, then this might not fit  your kitchen’s aesthetic appearance. But that’s ok, because since it’s plastic, it costs a lot less than if it were made of a more expensive material

There’s some leftovers that aren’t spiraled – This is understandable because in order to create the spiraled effect, there will be some core that will be left out. I use the core in my juicing recipes, so there’s really no waste of fruits and vegetables.

Where can I buy the vegetable slicer?

The best deals can probably be found on the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon. Click here to find the best deals and start saving up to 25% off. 


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