P90X DVD Workout Review

Everybody wants to have a fit and lean body. In order to achieve a dream body you need to perform effective workouts.

P90X is a DVD fitness program that presents you with 12 different workouts and a nutrition plan that have been created and designed to help you transform your body in just 90 days.

One of the famous fitness experts, Tony Horton has created and hosted this DVD.

The P90X DVD promises to keep you engaged and motivated with its mix and match routines. In this article, we will present you with the P90X DVD Workout review to help you know the effectiveness of this detailed fitness guide.

Why P90X DVD Workout?

All the working or busy people like you and me will agree to the fact that going to the gym for regular workouts might not be a feasible option for us. Also for the workouts to be effective, we need to have a very good trainer by our side all the time, which again is quite difficult to achieve.

The P90X DVD provides us a good solution to these problems by letting us learn the effective workouts created by the super trainer Tony Horton from the comforts of our home. The 12 workouts specified in the DVD are intense ad diverse. These workouts help us increase: athletic function of our body, strength of our core, balance and agility. The best part about these workouts is that you can carry them out by using only the basic tools at your home like yoga mats, dumbbells or push up stands.

Following are the 12 workouts that are part of the P90X DVD:

Chest and Back: One of the best upper body workouts that is a combination of only push up and pull up exercises. This workout is best for developing shape and strength building.

Jump Training or Plyometrics: This is one of the best cardio workout programs to improve your athletic conference. These jumping exercises will make sure that you remain airborne for majority of the workout period.

Shoulders and Arms: A great mix of press, curl and fly movements to help you achieve a perfect set of arms and shoulders.

Yoga X: Along with the strenuous workouts, it is also important to keep your mind and body calm. This is what you achieve using the Yoga X workout mentioned in the P90X DVD. Yoga X helps you improve your strength, flexibility and breathing: all at the same time.

Legs and Back: Though it sounds like a lower body workout, but Tony has mixed some great pull up exercises along with the squats and lunges to provide you with an effective workout for the full body. Following this you will be able to get a great shape for the upper body along with the great work out for your leg muscles.

Kenpo X: A high intensity cardio workout that contains a lot of punching and kicking. You will be able to increase your stamina a lot with this interesting workout regime.

X Stretch: A collection of stretching exercises that help you get ready for the other intensive workouts mentioned in the P90X workout DVD. The stretching exercises mentioned here have been derived from Kenpo, Yoga and other such sports that focus more on relaxing and stretching your body parts.

Core Synergistic: As the name suggests, this workout focuses on increasing the strength of your core. The exercises that are part of this workout regime provide great workout to the trunk and lumber spine muscles and are very good in conditioning your whole body.

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps: With an intense mix of extensions, presses and flys this workout is ideal for the people who are looking to get a dream body with absolutely amazing looking upper body parts.

Biceps and Back: When you talk about biceps, you might think that this one is good only for the men, but if light weights are used properly, this workout is extremely useful for the ladies as well to get into a good shape.

Cardio X: While all the other workouts in the P90X DVD are high intensity workouts, the Cardio X is a low impact routine. This has been designed to help you relax and take a break from the other high impact routines. But at the same time, this routine is extremely useful in burning some extra calories as well.

Ab Ripper X: A high intensity workout especially designed for the people who dream of having those amazing 6 pack abs.

What I Liked about the P90X DVD workouts

1. Although the workouts are hard and long but they have been designed in such a way that you never feel bored.
2. Unlike other workout plans which are either good for men or women, the workouts created by Tony in the P90X DVD are effective for both men and women alike.
3. Tony understands that good nutrition is also necessary along with the workouts for optimal results and hence provides a very effective nutrition plan that comes in 3 phases.
4. Each of 12 workouts is sure to leave you with a lot of sweat because of their high intense nature.

What I didn’t like about the P90X DVD Workouts

Though it is hard to find many negatives about the P90X DVD workouts, but the few I could find are:

1. The workouts are not designed for extremely fat or obese people. The regimes are so hard that heavy people can crumble easily.

2. There is fitness test that you need to clear in order to start implementing this fitness guide, but you get to know about this only when you end up buying it. It would be nice if extremely obese people know about this, so that they do not end up paying a huge amount of money to know that it is not effective for them.

Should you get the P90X DVD Exercise Program?

So if you are somebody who is fit and is looking to go an extra mile to get a perfectly toned body, then go ahead and get a dvd copy of the P90X DVD workouts, you will be amazed to find out that all the hard work these work outs are making you put in is actually helping you get the dream body that you have been looking to have for so many years.


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