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Ever Wondered How Diet and Juicing Really Works? Do You Want to Maximize your time spent on Juicing and Other Stuff? Then you’ll love our Juicing Tips of the Day!

How to Store Your Juice & Smoothies

It’s time for another juicing and smoothing tip.Today’s tip is all about storing your juice and smoothies so that it will remain fresh longer. ​Whenever it’s possible, don’t store your drinks. Drink them as soon as you make it. It would taste better and there will be more nutrients in it. If you’re traveling, using a […]

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The Side Effects of Juicing – What You Should Look Out For

Anything that is too much can be dangerous, even if it’s mostly a good thing. Juicing is an amazing way to fight disease and stay healthy in an increasingly unhealthy world.This is not surprising, considering how extreme a juice diet can be. A brief diet plan can rid the body of unwanted toxins and help to […]

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10 Cruciferous Vegetables that will Supercharge your Health

“Eat your Vegetables”That’s what my parents always told me. They would try to make sounds, actions and other “strategies” just to make me eat them.But as a kid, I’ll always find a way not to consume them.Of course, my parents were right.I needed to eat and add more vegetables to my diet. As an adult, […]

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