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We’ve started this site because we wanted to share our journey in pursuing better health…

The reason I’ve created this website is because I want you to know that juicing (and blending) can have a dramatic and positive effect to your life.

This site was inspired after watching a movie about the story of a guy who lost weight, had more energy,& became more confident after juicing for about 60 days.

My goal is to provide you with more information about juicing and blending…

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I’ll be doing a lot of research, sharing a lot of juicing recipes, information, and resources that will help you make the most out of a juicing diet. I’m really excited that you’re here and that I can be a part of your journey to a better you.

Why We Need More Fruits and Vegetables to our Diets

Did you know that in a recent fact sheet released by the World Health Organization in March 2013:

  • The number of Obese people in the entire planet has doubled since the 80’s. – That’s a really alarming rate.
  • More than 35% of people who are 20 years old and above are already obese (this was in 2008) and that rate is growing each year.
  • We could prevent a lot death from obesity related medical conditions (like Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and other types of cancer) if we just stay fit and healthy.
  • Obesity is also causing more to spend more in medical bills
  • About 40,000,000 children who are less than 5 years old are overweight (2011)
  • Obesity and being overweight can be prevented

Quick way of using the BMI table

These are both terms that are used when a person’s weight is heavier than what is considered healthy for their height. For adults, we can easily determine if we are obese or overweight by checking and calculating a number called “BMI” or the body mass index.

Basically, a person who has a BMI between 25 – 29.9 is already considered overweight

And someone who has a BMI of 30 and above is already considered obese

I’ve found a really useful BMI table to help you check your Body Mass index online. Find your height first (it should be in inches,click here to convert feet into inches) in the first column. Then Find your Body weight from the row across your height. Once you’ve found your spot, check the column label above to see if it’s normal, overweight, obese, or extremely obese.

According to this BMI Table, I’m overweight at 27 in the BMI table.

Height = 69 inches  Weight = 182 pounds

My personal weight loss goal is to reach 149 pounds and attain a BMI of 22.

I’ll also be sharing delicious juicing recipes that I’ve tasted and found online.

I’m really excited to start going to the local food market to start picking “greens” and “fruits” for this juicing challenge. I’ll upload pics and videos as well.

Currently, I’m doing a lot of reading on obesity, dieting, juicing, fruits, vegetables, vital nutrients, etc.

Because I was a nurse, it was easy for me to understand a lot of the medical terms. I’ll try to explain and share the information that I’ve found in the simplest ways possible. To make sure that you receive all these updates, make sure that you have subscribed to my Juicing Diet newsletter and get this free report. You’ll receive the latest updates on juicing and living a healthier life.

There are hundreds of inspiring stories from people who have changed their lives through juicing. If you have a similar story to share, and have some testimonials on the different juicing benefits, I’d love to hear your story. Send me your story by contacting me here, and if it’s a great fit, I’ll publish it here on this blog.

I’ve also bought a heavy duty juicer and one “nutrient extractor” which I’m really loving right now. Both products will be thoroughly reviewed in the Juicer Reviews section of this site.

This will be an intensive, exciting juicing detoxification and enlightenment process. If you are trying to do this for the first time, you should ask for your doctor’s advice first especially if you are taking any medications, therapies, or a strict diet regimen. No Exceptions please.

ryan-cruz2The information that I’m sharing on this website is based on my personal experience alone and should not be taken as a medical or professional advice. I’ve already asked my doctor, and she said that I’m good to go, as long as I monitor and tell her of any significant changes that I feel.

Ok, with those things out of the way, here’s a list of Juicing tips that I’ve curated, collected and created especially for you. If you’re just starting out, there’s a collection of TIPS to help you understand juicing better.

To our best health!

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